iOS 10 How to Enable 3D Touch & Tutorial iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

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hey everyone Sicily brief demonstration

I leave an abler disabled 3d touch on

the iPhone 7 7 plus 6s or 6s plus and

also give you a look at how it works

so first of all just to enable or

disable it go into your settings and

then scroll down general accessibility

and then go down to 3d touch now by

default it should be on you see mine is

currently on if you want to turn it off

just drag the slider to the left but of

course for this demonstration I'm Leben

on dragging to the right now for a look

at our 3d touch works and right after

this I'll show you a real-world usage

for it so normally on a phone without 3d

touch you would hold down lightly on

something and so you see here I'm doing

that and now the background is gray but

on a phone like the iPhone 7 where you

have 3d touch you can hold down harder

apply some force nicely the image pops

up hold down even harder and pops up

again so there's different levels to it

now again I will show you in a second

some real-world use for that but if you

want you can either hold down lighter or

harder to enable it so let's say if you

don't want to hold down so hard on you

can strike this wire to the left so now

I'm applying less pressure but the 3d

touch still works as you see here but

personally I prefer to be in the middle

you guys can mess around with this see

which one you prefer

so what colors works now generally on

iPhone and the same with this device if

you wanted to read an app you just hold

down it by tweet and then it will bring

up this X which you can delete an app

but of course I'm not going to do that

I'm going to enable or I'm going to use

3d touch so rather than holding down

lightly on the camera app I'm going to

hold down a little bit harder and so you

see now 3d touch comes into play and I'm

still holding down on the phone I can

let go whichever one I want so let's say

I want to go right to recording video

let go and now I have the video

recording pitch rub so really guys

there's a whole lot you can do with this

and it will help

for demonstration on my channel in the

future so stay tuned for that

alright everyone so thanks for watching

hope you enjoyed the video hope for your

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thanks again for watching