3D Touch Explained on the New iPhone 6s Plus

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hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you 3d touch a lot of

you have asked me about 3d touch and

asked me kind of to explain it and show

the features now 3d touch is basically

what force touch was on the Apple watch

so if I push push a little bit harder we

get a little menu here and some options

and that's basically what they've

carried over from the watch to the phone

so I'm the phone we get the same idea

using your finger the touch and the

actual pressure so as your finger kind

of flattens out as you push and using a

combination of that and pressure it

knows when you're pushing harder so if

we push on Instagram here it pops out

like this now this is only available on

the iPhone 6s and 6s plus right now but

I would imagine in the future it'll be

on most devices and as you could see

there we get a little different menus so

it's basically a right-click for your

phone so we've got new message new tweet

and search it's actually a pretty

significant change to iPhone since

pretty much the beginning of iPhone all

Apple apps seem to actually have this

particular ability so if I go to say

pocket casts or groove push on these if

I push you see the screen blur slightly

and lets you know that there's no menus

hidden there

same thing with Safari we've got options

the camera we can do selfies and video

and photos and calendar and phone we've

got all of these different options now

within all of our different apps so if I

push on videos we've got different

things that I own let me turn the screen

off and show you as well we've got live

motion wallpapers this actually comes

with the iPhone so this is the tail of a

fish if I push and hold and then let go

it goes back so I push I can push a

little bit and you can see it moves more

little harder I push so the more force I

put into it let me see if I can show you

that a little bit better

from a side view the more force I put

into it the more it moves so if

I push harder and let off lightly it

goes back and you can see I'm kind of

pushing and based on how much force I

put on there it makes a difference so

let's unlock the phone again here and

take a look a little bit deeper

now within 3d touch we have a couple

other things called peek and pop so if I

go into mail here's some trash from some

email that I deleted but I thought I'd

show you this here's something from

Newegg if we push on this we get a

little peek and we can see what's in the

email let up and it goes away

same thing with let's pick eBay here

peek and then let go now we can also

peek slide to one side and go to on rate

or unread this side delete it it's going

to delete it we do that and it goes away

now the other thing we can do is pop so

maybe we're in this email we peek we

want to read this a little more if we

push a little bit harder and it pops and

the nice thing to to go along with this

we get a little bit of feedback there's

actually a linear actuator inside that

replaces the vibrate motor that used to

be in the older iPhones and instead it's

a little weight with a basically magnet

motor in there that shakes back and

forth and gives you a little feedback

same as the Apple watch as well so as

you push you get feedback from that so

if I push I feel it and it it jars the

phone ever so slightly I push again and

it does it again so it actually gives

you that feedback maybe if you've seen

the new MacBook and tried the new

trackpad the new force touch trackpad

it's the same idea it's got a little

motor that gives you that that actual

feedback and it works in all of your

emails it's pretty handy and one thing I

forgot to show you push and slide up

you've got a bunch of different options

as well so it's kind of nice and you can

quickly glance into everything the other

thing it does is allows you to get into

your app switcher so before you double

click the home button and you get into

your app switcher but if you want to do

that using 3d touch you just push hard

from the left side of the screen and you

actually have to push pretty hard and

then we can slide through our app

launcher select what we want to go back

so if you push hard from the side and

swipe in it works well if you have a


it doesn't work so well because you have

to kind of get to this edge and push in

so if I push in from here it doesn't

quite do it so you have to get right to

that edge and push 3d touch also has

some options built-in as well where we

can adjust it a little bit so if we go

to general under our settings scroll

down to accessibility under

accessibility scroll down we've got 3d

touch and under 3d touch we have some

options if you don't like it you can

simply turn it off we can also change it

to light touch sensitivity or firm so

right now it's on medium and this gives

you an idea if you push that's peak peak

and pop you can go back to give us an

idea how much we need to push maybe we

want to try it on the light setting and

it doesn't feel too much different to me

but may let's try let's go back and

we'll try it on the firm setting here

and that feels like I'm gonna break the

screen a little bit that's a lot of a

lot of pushing into the screen I think

medium is probably the right setting for

me but you've got those options as well

so if you don't like it turn it off or

adjust it if you're finding you're

activating it too easily you might want

to make it firm or it's too hard to do

make it light so that's pretty much it

a lot of apps don't support it right now

Google Maps non-apple apps with the

exception of what I've found is

Instagram and Twitter don't really

support it yet but you'll see more of

this in the future as more and more apps

are rolled out and updated I'm sure

you'll see a lot of different things so

notes again has the same sort of thing

and it's kind of neat you can see the

pressure sensitivity as I push that

little ring around there grows if you

hold too long though it goes into the

app delete but you see that it's really

kind of neat it's a neat thing to play

around with I don't know that it's a

killer feature but it's really nice to

have on the phone in something a little

bit extra let me know what you think

about it in the comments below if you've

had a chance to play around with it let

me know what you think you think it's

worth it I don't know that it makes it

worth upgrading but it's a neat feature

to have let us know in the comments

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please subscribe and like as always

thanks for watching this is Erin I'll

see you next time