How to Get 3D Touch on Older iPhone Like iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and 5

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guys welcome bags who need country

background exciting with you with ies

blogging in this video we will look at

how to get 3d touch cheers guys the

latest technology or the latest feature

available in the iPhone 6s and get the

same feature on to your existing device

so let's go ahead and show you some

demonstration for the same or is it guys

I think you're quite excited to get 3d

touch onto your device so let me inform

you that for 3d that you are device must

be running iOS 9 and you should be

jailbroken if you've not yet jailbroken

your device I would be linking my do

jailbreak video down in the description

we have our nation over here and also

available in the cards so guys in order

to have 3d touch onto your device you

need to go ahead and install the tweak

known as foresee or reveals menu so

let's go ahead and do with this one you

need to do very first thing is just go

ahead and tap or Cydia and enter Cydia

already guys once it down understood I

need to tap on the search icon and type

warrior that is for C the F or rcy

basically it just install this for C

tweak basically it's available from the

Big Boss wrapper for free or basically

if you don't want install for so you can

try out reveal menu basically this is

also a free tweak available from the big

bus travel it would be really great both

of the tweaks work perfectly fine and

there are 99% same articles once you

install these tweaks what you need to do

is you need to respring your device and

once your respring under settings you

get a couple of options under for force

here or here you can see the very first

option is known as anybody you need to

enable for c onto your device the second

option we get is known as haptic

feedback when you have the haptic engine

which has been separately meaning

external hardware on iphone 6s that same

haptic feedback switches also on the

Apple watch would be a send to your like

it's just a vibration it's just felt as

a vibration and whenever you try to go

ahead or use through these just

functionality using for C it would give

you a haptic feedback while unrevealed

many you do not get a haptic feedback

this is the only difference between

reveal menu and the for c2 it with us


so I told you they are 99% same also you

have the third option that is swipe and

work method so basically this is a long

press to invoke 3d touch menu swipe up

to edit the applications so basically I

will show you all these so once you have

installed for see what you need to do is

just go ahead and hold and press on any

other applications so you would get 3d

up or 3d touch option if that

application does support it basically

you're under YouTube basically YouTube

did not get the 3d touch option till now

so if I tap on YouTube it would just

give me a vibration and it would not

give me any pop up over there right on

the camera application we also have a

pop up we have four options you can see

right over there on the notes we have a

3d touch on contacts we have a 3d touch

option available on messages we have a

3d touch option on phone we have 3d

touch and also guys every time you use

3d touch over here you get a haptic

feedback which is just a minut vibration

onto your device it's quite great

basically it gives a complete feeling of

how using an iPhone success with your

existing iOS 9 device this is a quick

video on how to get 3d touch on to your

existing device running iOS 9 with the

iOS 9 jailbreak through back or so guys

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