Enable 3D Touch iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 & SE IOS 9.3.3 / 9.3.4 / 9.3.5 / 10.2 / All JB

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what's up guys stickups here and welcome

back to another video I hope guys that

you are having a great day and today I

wanted to show you guys how you can

actually activate 3d touch on your non

supported devices so something like the

iPhone 4s can actually help the 3d touch

then check this out the iPhone 5s as

well and the iPhone 5 so when the iPhone

5 it's a little bit like it so it

doesn't work all the time but as you can

see that works as well so that's a

pretty nice tweak you know I have spent

so much time actually finding this one

so of course every single like guys

would be so so much appreciated and yeah

this is a free package guys so that's

really awesome and now let's go ahead

and get started let me show you how we

can activate it on all of your devices

before we gonna start guys I just wanted

to show how it looks like on the iPhone

5s and on the iPhone 4s here so when you

try to 3d touch on the iPhone 4s this is

how it looks like pretty it looks pretty

native because these are native from

your iOS and Sony iPhone 5s let's try

settings yeah this is how it looks like

so we have a little bit of more shot

shortcuts because you know this is da

was ten and of course I want you to

compare this one to the real pretty

touch gesture here so let's try settings

as you can see that looks pretty

identical so the only difference is in

iOS versions okay guys so first of all I

wanted to say that this week actually is

compatible with all of the jailbreaks

available right now starting from iOS 9

up to iOS 9.2 so of course if you're not

yet jailbroken you can go ahead and

watch the tutorial that is in the

description and jailbreak right now if

you have a compatible frame or so again

works for 32 and 64 bit devices and once

you've done this go ahead and go to your

city of course and not that repo do you

see right now this is the repo that I

was create 6 dot-com so it's also gonna

be in the description so once you've

done this just go ahead and go to your

search type in the peak

peak-a-boo right there so click on this

one click install and install once again

just make sure you're installing the

right version that should be the ten

point nine point two this one X you can

see that requires the iOS 9 on newer and

once you've installed this one go ahead

and go to your settings then scroll all

the way down till you see the peekaboom

this one and now make sure you toggle

the sense it

to 126 or 110 130 will be alright

because you know otherwise this will not

work on your device so when you toggle

this one to 126 for example as you can

see this is what happens so I actually

activates the 3d touch because if it's

set to 26 let's say or 50 this just will

not work but you may toggle it for

yourself of course and see if it works

for you

Android guys before you're gonna go I

just wanted to also show you another

tweak which allows you to actually have

some more 3d touch gestures slide size

so this is called the motifs available

on iOS create 6 which you have just

added so if you for example go to notes

and do this kind of gesture from here

from this side as you can see you can

actually move the cursor just like that

and you're able to select the text and

edit it just like on the iPhone success

or the iPhone 7 pretty cool so here guys

I think that should be pretty much it

for today I really hope that you guys

enjoyed the video and hopefully now you

can enjoy your 3d touch shortcuts and

gestures on your non supported device

but if you enjoyed this video make sure

you smash the like button so that we saw

so much appreciated like always and as

always guys I hope to see you around to

my next one and peace out