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Catch up with all your friends at once

with Group FaceTime.

To use Group FaceTime, you'll need a supported device

running iOS 12 or later.

Oh, and you'll want to have a few friends

who can join in too.

They can use FaceTime from their supported iPhone,

iPad, or Mac.

One way to start Group FaceTime is from Messages.

In a message, tap the group or contact

at the top of the screen.

Then choose FaceTime from the drop-down menu.

This will start a FaceTime call with everyone in the message.

Each friend in the call will appear onscreen

in their own tile.

You can also add someone to a FaceTime call

after it's already started.

To do this, tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu.

Swipe up from the handle, tap Add Person,

and type in a name.

Tap Add Person to FaceTime to invite them to join.

And to notify them of the incoming call,

you can tap Ring.

You can have up to 32 people in a Group FaceTime,

so don't be shy!

Invite your whole crew.

As newcomers join,

their FaceTime tiles will appear on the screen.

The tile of the person speaking will get larger automatically,

so you can easily keep up with the conversation.

Want to have a little fun?

You can use Animoji and other Camera effects

to liven up the conversation.

Tap effects, tap the Animoji icon,

and choose an Animoji or Memoji to bring to life.

The panda is fun.

Oh! How about this one?


You can also add stickers, filters,

and animated text effects.

To leave the call, tap end.

Oops! Forgot to say something?

To rejoin, tap Join in the group message window.

The call will stay active until the last two people hang up.

Next time you FaceTime a friend, why not include the whole group?

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