How I Schedule THREE Jobs

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I'm in another house I've dog sitting

again yeah hopefully you guys can see

the dogs into this video if not you'll

see in the next one

good bugs hello hi friends welcome back

to my channel if we haven't met already

hello hi the name is Quinton is very

nice to meet you I am 23 years old and I

work three part-time jobs so three or

four it depends on how you want to count

them I work a lot of jobs and a lot of

side hustles and life gets pretty crazy

I am showing you guys today how I

organized my time to make sure that I

can do all of my jobs then still have

time to do size hustles and enjoy life

currently right now I'm actually also

filming a video where I am showing you a

week in my life of working all these

jobs and I make it all work so after you

watch this one that video should be

coming out next week if it's already out

go watch it enjoy keep stalking me you

know that's basically one of the dudes

following me around so a little back

story on how I got the jobs that I

currently have cuz sometimes that's the

hard part when you're working hourly

jobs is to find a job that works with

the availability that you have of the

first job so a lot of words the first

job that I have is I am a server at a

restaurant so being there it is a

restaurant that's open from 11:00 a.m.

until midnight sometimes on the weekends

even later until 1:00 a.m. so I work

nights there that is my availability

there is working nights then I got a

part-time job at that restaurant doing

an advocate position which is in the

morning starting at 8:00 a.m. until he's

just shook the camera so the admin

position in the restaurant starts at

8:00 a.m. until about 3 o'clock and

that's one to two days out of the week

and those are kind of set days so I got

a second job that was going to be mostly

in the mornings early afternoons because

knowing the restaurant that I work at

right now if I was working in my

restaurant in the mornings had that as

the first job of the day say I need to

do a double I was never gonna get out on

time the type of restaurant that I'm in

you're out time was never like the exact

out time you would either leave a little

bit early or you leaving like a couple

hours later so I was like I need a job

where I'm gonna be getting out on time

in the morning so that led to me finding

a food hall which is basically like an

upscale food court

have a lot of local foods there it's

really good with the food halls I really

don't need you to stay after hours

basically it is an extremely rare thing

where you don't get off on time so I

worked there in the mornings mornings

they opened at 11:00

work there in the few hours that they

need me in the mornings and then if I

need to do a double I can very easily go

to the dress stretch shop and serve at

night so there is a chance that I will

be working from 11:00 in the morning up

until 1:00 in the morning

essentially hey that has happened so

then I have my site hospitals that I do

the site hustles is this dog sitting I

dog sit quite often and I also walk dogs

I do that through the Rover app which is

a really good app to use for dog sitting

and the likes but you have to make sure

that people in your city actually use

Rover if you want to go ahead and dog

sit through it the other side hustles

that I do is I'm also a photographer and

a graphic designer so whenever people

hire me for photography needs for a

designer needs I just go ahead and do

that and I slide that into my schedule

whenever I'm needed but those are the

most rare out of all the jobs that I do

though I do want that to be more of my

career so I'm gonna be focusing more on

that in the future but for right now I'm

gonna be showing you how I slice

everything together and still have time

to enjoy life so the last thing before I

get into my bullet journal to show you

guys how I slice everything all together

for my week is some advice for you if

you're planning on trying to get

multiple jobs if you're working jobs

that are more retail or restaurant you

know things that aren't the

stereotypical career jobs you know you

can't make a career out of it but if

they're just like the hourly part-time

jobs you want to figure out what for you

is your priority job for me being a

server at the restaurant is my priority

job because I get the most money out of

it and make the most money out of tips

and then I can get the most hours out of

it so I gave them the most hours out of

my sunday 24/7 hour whatever they can

get the most of me from the week and

then it kind of trickled on down from

there though like I said my career that

I want to go after is my photography and

graphic design stuff so if somebody

wants to hire me for photography or

graphic design I will always put that as

a priority ahead of the other jobs so

say someone needs to hire me to

photograph and events I will always make

sure that I can go ahead and photograph

that event because that is my priority

and light

is to make sure that I can get that

career going ahead of all my other jobs

there only was one exception where I

wasn't able to do that but that in

itself is its own story but other than

that exception I will always choose to

do a photography or graphic design ahead

of working at the restaurant or going to

the food hall so the thing for you is to

make sure you know where your priority

is it's gonna be the one that makes you

the most money at the time for that that

could be being the server at the

restaurant you can get a lot of good

money there maybe being a bartender at a

bar you can get a lot of good money

there but say you're also like me where

you have possibly a part-time job

working in the industry that you want to

work in the field that you want to work

in whether it's something like nursing

or something creative or that's all my

mind can come up with right now

then that is your priority and that's

probably why you have the second job

because maybe you're starting as an

intern or a really entry-level position

in the field that you want to work in

it's not making you enough money so

you're getting that second job figure

out what your priority is and that's

where you're going to want to put aside

most of your availability too but also

make sure that you're making enough to

pay for your bills I hope that made

sense but we're gonna go into me showing

you my availability for my jobs and then

Highline everything up for the week and

scoot everything in to make sure that I

have time to enjoy life okay so I'm

filming this on the Ottoman haiku they

name their dog taco I love people name

their dogs after food so the Polo

Journal that I use is a scribbles that

matter I got it from Amazon the pen that

I love to use for everything is this

pilot do 2.05 this is a bag that I got

from Ipsy I unfortunately don't know

where you can get one like it other than

epsy and then the markers I like to use

for everything are just Crayola super

tip washable markers their premiums so

the first thing I want to show you guys

is what my thing normally looks like if

you're new here I also do catch envelope

stuffing videos so I normally have

everything set up where I have my weekly

schedule on the left along with some to

do's and then my cash envelope stuffing

on the right here so you can see what it

looks like for this week Sunday Monday

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


I'll put marks of what I need to do

filming starting videos if I need any

meetings I have to go to I said maybe


not sure so I when I would do a full

side spread here this is when I would

also mark when I was going to certain

events also a finding is to do any kind

of photography I photographed a wedding

here at the end of March so that is

basically how I have it all set up

January unfortunately I didn't think I

was going to be still using this journal

so I didn't have like the month in the

beginning so it's basically just the

week and the envelopes here so I want to

show you guys this okay so I want to

show you guys on the spread how I set up

my availabilities for different jobs so

the first thing we do is normally you

would have one job set up first and then

you could talk to them they tend to be

your priority job from what I've seen

recently from the people that I know but

you just find out what your priority job

is first and what their availability is

so say you're working your first job is

at a retail so you're working at a

grocery store for your first job that

might not be your priority job and so

you want to go and find a second job

part-time maybe you want to get into the

music industry and so you want to work

at a record label so you're starting to

work for your local radio show so what

you would want to do is try to find out

the availability that you need for the

priority job that you have which would

be the radio show and then fill in

everything else with the grocery store

job so for me what I have is job one

which is a server and a restaurant they

spell restaurant on possibly so this is

also the job where I also work an admin

position underneath so for them how my

availability works for them is it is

going to be Tuesday and Thursday can

even read that got Tuesday and Thursday

our admin days those were days that they

had me come on to do part-time and those

are the days that they specifically need

me for those hours so that is gonna be 8

a.m. until 3 p.m. and then every other

day Wednesday and then Friday through

Monday so I went and I asked them what

is the latest I can come in to do

closing shifts and so for those hours

that was going to be 5:00 until like 5


until 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. because that's

when they close so then my second job

the second job was actually the bussing

at the food hall and now I worked there

for a bit first until if you guys have

been following along I was working there

for a bit first

until the vendor work opened up and then

everything got adjusted because even the

owner there when I was started working

at the vendor was that you're gonna get

more money working at the vendor so give

them more of your hours so for their I

just work Tuesday and Thursday from 4

p.m. until 9:00 p.m. so I will go from

the admin position in the morning and to

working there it's a bus and then my job

three is cashier I guess it's a cashier

I also just make the food so cash here

at food hall bender I guess is what you

could call it I mean for them they

basically have everything else for the

morning Wednesday and then Friday

through Monday the hours that they open

the earliest I would get in would be 11

a.m. until 4:00 p.m. now my jobs are

about a 15 minute drive difference from

each other so the reason I try to get

myself about an hour break in between is

in case I need to stay later out one job

for whatever reason there's something

that's happening and I'm running a

little bit late in case there's traffic

and also to give me time to eat a little

bit maybe go to the bathroom if I need

to and then also change clothes into a

different uniform so that is my

availability and what it is at at each

of my jobs that I have and then I also

will just sprinkle in some of the site

hassles that I have so into over here

what my schedule tends to look like with

all of this in mind here's what my

availability can look like throughout

the week so Monday I'll work vendor

11:00 to 4:00 p.m.

server five to 12 a.m. because that's

when they closed on Mondays and then

Tuesdays I will do admin 8 until 3 p.m.

and then busing for the 9 p.m. and then

it's basically kind of those same things

throughout the rest week so bender 11 it

for server 5 to 12 and then basically

these ones the same thing the rest with

the rest of the evening

and I put in till 1 a.m. because that's

when they closed on on Friday and

Saturday so that is what my availability

could look like all of my jobs schedule

me for the days that I'm available to

work now my weeks don't always look like


I'm gonna go ahead and cross out what

they didn't normally look like here for


so recently I tend to have Saturday and

Sunday mornings off the vendor tends not

schedule me those days and then

sometimes my serving job will either not

schedule me Mondays maybe not or they

won't schedule me when they Wednesdays I

usually I'm always on for the weekends

sometimes during the week now when I'm

putting everything into my bullet

journal and I'm needing to add in either

dog sitting dog walking or any of the

other things that I have going on I will

go ahead and see what I haven't failable

after I put all my schedule into the

dates that I have available and I'll say

like I have dog walking on Wednesday dog

walk at 9 a.m. through over you can put

down the times that you're available to

do dog walking so I put that I'm only

available through morning walks because

the earliest I can get to work is 8 a.m.

so if I walk a dog at 6 a.m. that's

totally doable maybe also I need to do a

photo shoot with someone so I just got

to roll out for the weekend during the

morning photo shoot at 10:00 a.m. I

would do it definitely in the mornings

because of the lighting and everything

so say that's at 10 a.m. or see the Sun

free books for me for a Saturday way in

advance and they want to do a sunset

shoot I was just asked the day off and

do it that day

OOP I didn't realize my mic went out I

have no idea how long I was talking

without audio recording ok

so when it comes to fitting in some

social hours and everything this is

where it comes into play really knowing

what my schedule is and talking to my

friends annoying what their schedule is

say I'm also not working Wednesday night

and I really want to hang out with grace

or I really want to go out and grab

dinner with a new friend I'll make sure

I know my schedule have everything

written down and then I'll help I'll

write them in that's kind of kind of

weird to have to do that but I'll say

dinner with grace now when I was living

with grace it was definitely a lot

easier to hang out with her between

times because we would just kind of just

known each other at home and then just

hang out with each other but this is how

I would also schedule in some social

hours so I hope this makes sense here

for you guys it might not this is

basically just how I do everything I

have my availability set up to where

basically I can work any day out of the

week grace was her two jobs I know that

she always made sure that she has one

day asked offer every single week she

doesn't work Mondays because she wants

to make sure she has at least one day

where she's not working I am kind of a

workaholic so I make sure that I work

every single day I'd like to have work

this is also how I also schedule and

when I'm going to be filming these type

of videos I know what my week has been

look like as I showed you here I know

what my week is didn't look like and so

I in when I think I could be filming as

you can see Tuesday I thought it was

gonna be filming may be filming of

grocery shopping video Deden end up

happening so now I'm filming no and it

is Thursday so since I cancelled it

didn't I know what I'm doing but that

was how I can manage my time and make

sure that I get all of my priorities

done and all my tasks are done and also

make time to hang out with people and

enjoy life okay so I hope that made

sense here for you guys I know that my

schedule is a little bit crazy hectic

weird to look at from afar but this is

basically how I make sure that I get

everything done that needs to get done

my schedule comes in from all of my jobs

and then I write everything down and

then I kind of put everything in around

when I'm scheduled to work once again I

am filming a week in my life of working

hello Taku my money you you're so cute

I'll look at your little quick beard

that's coming in I don't think the

camera can see me

this is taco he doesn't want to be on


so once again I am filming a week in my

life of working all these jobs so you

guys can go ahead and follow along and

you can see this in action

let me doing everything if you guys like

the video go ahead and give it a like if

you want to see more of my face let's

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we can chat to become friends DM me send

me pictures of your dogs pretty please

so your dog I said hi if you have any

more questions regarding trying to get

all these jobs together that you want to

do go ahead and ask them in the comments

below now go ahead and try to answer

them as best as I can of course I'm not

like an expert on having multiple jobs I

just have multiple jobs and I've been

doing it for a few years of having

multiple jobs or if you see any

questions down in the comments below

that you can give answers to go ahead

and share some advice share the

knowledge wealth with your peers it's

good education is great I love it

appreciate you guys also very much and I

will see you in the next video bye oh I

don't know how to artisan now I can't

fall back so the big dog goes I named

taco Bonzo and then the little one is a



this is Ponzo and he just woke up in a


hi Bonzo this is Mozart hi buddy