Calculating discount and sale price using percent gr 9 applied 02 11 15

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okay so let's say that you really want

to buy these gaming headsets but they

cause 140 $9.99 you're hoping they go on

sale okay so then you go to the store

and they are on sale for let's say 20%

off and you want to know well how much

money are you gonna save what is 20% off


so we need to figure out the discount

okay discount is what you're saving

because if it's on sale then you're

gonna be saving some money right so we

need to calculate 20% of one $49.99 and

we just did this with tax how do you

calculate percent of a number Alejandro

what do I turn twenty percent into a

decimal so that becomes zero point two

or zero point two zero what is of

multiply okay so you guys do that right


what's zero point two times one 49.99

okay so it's twenty nine point nine nine

nine eight

so let's round it off to how much $30

okay so the original price of these

headphones is one forty nine ninety nine

but because they're on sale you're gonna

save $30 so the sale price will be

thirty dollars less than the original

price right obviously you're not going

to sale means that you're they're taking

money away so if I ask you okay what is

the new sale price that how much is this

item gonna be on sale how would you

calculate that

subtract good so we're gonna take the

original price and we're gonna subtract

the discount right so the original price

was one $49.99 but we're saving $30 so

what is the sale price what is the cost

of the headphones on sale $119.99 okay

so again we need we need to calculate

the discount everyone no need to know

how to calculate the discount once you

figure out the discount then you take

the discount and you subtract it from

the original price and then that will

tell you the new price but is this the

total cost for this item what do you

have to pay on top of that tax so now

you guys calculate the tax how much more

do you have to pay with the tax okay so

we're gonna do zero point one three

times what was the sale price 1 1999

remember you always you only calculate

the tax at the very end you don't

calculate the tax on the original price

Utah stated on the sale X's $15 and so I

round it off to 60 cents okay this is

the tax what's the total price the total

cost for this item yep good so you did

one 1999 you did the sale price plus the

tops plus the tax and what you guys

sorry so the total price is 130 559 made

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