How I work TWO JOBS + Full-Time College Student

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so for today I'm gonna be talking about

a highly requested video a question that

I've been getting for so long probably

like three years now and that is how I

go to college and work two jobs and just

like how I do it like I said this video

has been highly requested and so I

figured I would just sit down and talk

to you guys and tell you guys everything

that I know about working two jobs and

being a full-time college student if

you're new here once again my name is

Samantha I am a senior at Sam Houston

State University I have been in college

for three years but I've taken at

credits during the summer time so it

pushed me up to my senior year so I'm

technically still a junior but I'm a

senior and I'm gonna be graduating in

December let's just go ahead and get

right on into this video on how it is

possible to work two jobs and be in

college firstly I want to say that if

you're looking into working two jobs and

being a full-time college student it

does take a lot of time management for

sure you need to do a lot of time

management between like your first job

and your second job in school work it is

very hard it's not easy but it

definitely is doable and it just

requires a lot of effort which is going

to be my second point is that it

requires a lot of effort this is

something that you want to do or

something that you feel like you were

compelled to do because you have no

other option just know that it is doable

and it is possible and you can still be

successful in school while working two

jobs like I said it's gonna be a lot of

time management from your first job your

second job schoolwork homework studying

just things like that

so I will be showing you guys my planner

and like the planners that I've used

before and show you guys kind of like

the outline of like everything that I do

and how I personally organize to stay

consistent with both jobs and be able to

be successful in school so one thing to

remember while doing two jobs and being

a college student

that your school comes first so always

make sure your school is a priority

because although you do want to make

money and be successful and you know pay

for your bills and things like that and

have extra money for yourself it's

really important to remember like your

reason as to why you're in school so

you're in college to be successful for

later in the future and if you're just

focused on just like working a lot and

you're kind of putting school to the

side and not really caring about school

you're kind of defeating the purpose of

being in college because you're not

taking that time and dedication into

school like you should be and so that is

really gonna affect your grades it

happened to me at some point where my

grades are being affected because I was

wanting to just work so much and focus

on that instead of school which I would

not recommend to anyone I would always

put school as like a priority regardless

of whatever else you're in because just

because you're working another job or

even doing two jobs like that is the

same amount as if you were in other

organizations because other

organizations require you to be there

for a certain amount of time throughout

the week and stuff so basically that

it's like working a job or having

something else on the side so just

remember that school should always be a

priority regardless of what else you're

doing because like I said you're in

college to be successful for your future

and if you are just focusing on the

money-making aspect and just wanting to

make sure everything's getting paid for

and you're not really focusing on your

studies you're defeating the purpose of

being in college which you are there for

your future and you want to make the

best grades that you can in college

because they don't really tell you this

very often but if you have like a low

GPA or if you're not doing well in

school or you're getting C's and just

things like that

your professors will notice that and

when it comes time for you to make to

have to request recommendation letters

or just things like that it's hard for

them to have like a ground-rule with you

and like understand who you are as a

person because let's say you were

skipping class because

you were too tired to go the next day or

you just weren't really trying in your

classes they're gonna kind of look at

you and not really know who you are make

sure you are going based off that and

have like a really good relationship

with your professors because they're

really going to be the ones who are

doing those recommendation letters or

they're gonna be the ones who are gonna

decide whether they're gonna curve your

grade from a B to an A or no I always

make sure that is the priority so what I

like to do is I like to set aside time

throughout the week so like I know when

I'm gonna be studying or I know when I'm

gonna be doing my homework or when my

exams are due and I put all of that into

my planner I put all of my work shifts

and I use a lot of color coding because

for me I'm a very like visual person so

I like to see everything laid out on my

planner and like organized in different

colors so I know which job is which

which shift is for what and then I color

code my schooling so that I know what is

due wet I will put my exams in here my

quizzes assignment I like to section off

study time in there too or like I'll do

my shift one and then shift two and then

and kind of just go based off that

because it's important to see what

you're doing and see what you're going

into because if you don't have that it's

gonna be really hard and everything's

just gonna be all over the place and

honestly I've met people who work a job

in college or do like two jobs in

college and if you don't have a planner

and you can't see exactly what you're

doing it's just so chaotic and I really

don't know how people can memorize all

of everything that they have to do

because basically in most jobs you know

your schedule two weeks in advance so

you have time to request off if let's

say you have like a doctor's appointment

or you have a major exam that you need

to study for like you're able to request

that time off but if you are not able to

see where your school overlaps with your

work or like your first job overlaps

with your second job I don't know how

people do that but for me I like to be a

visual person so I like to see

everything on paper and then when I see


go based off of that and like figure out

how I need to plan out for everything

what I like to do in the beginning of

the semester is when I get all of my

syllabi from all of my professors I will

take my exams my quizzes my assignments

and all of that and I will put it in my

planner just to know when important

things are due and then when I get my

work schedule from my first job I will

put that in the planner or when I get my

work schedule for my other job I will

also put that in the planner and just go

based off that I like to take a week by

week because honestly if I just look at

no really of the whole month it's just

kind of crazy so I take a week by week

and I'll show you kind of what that

looks like so you guys can see what I'm

talking about which I will show you

Chani with my month of January spread

because this month has been pretty busy

for me so far and there's just a lot of

you know doing my other job and then

this job and then school is coming up

and then I don't have any assignment

date set so I haven't put those in but

this is kind of what it looks like and

the pink would be something like my

classes a purple would be anything

related to re stuff would be the purple

and then the blue and then the green is

when my classes begin and orange would

be more of like are a mandatory things

so like we have you know a floor meeting

that you can see is in orange and then

this one's pretty important too I also

have like outside activities that I want

to do throughout the month on here -

just to know to schedule my life around

things that I want to do because it's

important to take time to yourself -

because if you're just focused on school

and work and just thought you're gonna

go crazy but it's also important to

incorporate things that you like to do

for yourself that are good for you so

like for me one thing that was really

important to me for the month of January

was going to a baseball game that I have

on the 25th so I made sure to request

off from my target job I

already submitted that and they did give

me off so I'm super thankful for that so

it's a lot of time management so like

for me I made sure I did it two weeks in

advance the request off because that's

normally what jobs will do is adieu

weeks in advance I submitted my request

to have those days off two weeks in

advance and then I scheduled my other

job around that so I made sure I wasn't

working on the 25th or the 26 or even

the 27th just like from both jobs just

because I wanted to make sure that time

was being put in for things that I want

to do to keep myself you know having a

life and not just being stuck in you

know your city doing school and work so

it's important to take time for the

things that you like to do because

sooner or later the month is gonna get

very hectic so I'm really not gonna have

time to do all of the things that I love

to do so when I do have time for that I

make sure to schedule it around that so

that I can still enjoy the things that I

like to do those are all of the tips

that I have if you are interested in

working while you are in college or if

you're interested in working two jobs

mainly and being in college so if you

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