Working Two Jobs, Is It Worth It? ( PROS AND CONS)

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hey guys thank you so much for clicking

my channel my name is CR LaShawn and

let's get on with the topic because I

know that's why you're here today I want

to talk about pros and cons of having

not one but two jobs I did at a point in

time work two jobs and so I wanted to

share with you my experience so it all

started when I graduated college in 2017

I got a job working part-time with a

retail store guys yeah I graduated

college I had a whole degree but as you

all know that is just not easy getting

from college to real-world work place

like that just doesn't exist I mean for

some people you might have a job right

out of college but for the average

person like me I mean I average I

shouldn't have even said that but for

most people it's not that easy so I had

to work at a part-time job I made pretty

good money cuz it was a luxury mall so I

did that right after college I decided

you know what I have to get something

that really pays bills like grown-up

bills I was like okay I need to start

applying for some jobs that'll really

give me that money okay and I ended up

getting a job and I still have this

current job and it was a full-time

position like just amazing I got my job

after an eight-month search yeah it's

like eight seven months right I ended up

deciding that I was gonna work there and

at the retail store at the same time so

I was gonna work in both places at the

same time because I just was like I need

the money why not I got a full time

check out a part-time job I'm just gonna

balance them both guys that's what this

whole video is about because I want to

let y'all know that you don't have to

balance them both unless you have to the

pros and cons of working two jobs at the

same time the obvious pro the main

reason why people even consider working

another job is because finances it helps

you to pay the bills it helps me to pay

whatever is leftover like financially it

is such a

good idea to have two jobs because you

are able to pay your bills if you're

being a part-time working a part-time

job you probably need another part-time

job to pay your bills like just being

honest because most part time jobs

monthly you might get about I don't even

know if you'll even get a thousand

dollars in most places their rent is a

thousand dollars and Lisa mentally upset

so a thousand dollars is really not

cutting it so you're probably gonna need

multiple jobs if you're gonna settle for

part-time that you need to part-time or

three however works for you so financial

that's a huge blessing that's a huge pro

but y'all cons time is put on my biggest

cons if you value time like I do

I found your time and more than time I

value my piece and I just couldn't stay

in my part-time job because as that I

was working full-time and kept my

part-time job and y'all I would be

working five days out of the week at my

full-time job and then in the evenings I

would go to my part-time job and I would

be working from like 5:30 to 9:00

something and then on the weekends I

would work the whole day they like

8-hour shifts to make it worth it my

balance that for a few months but guys I

began to just really like question okay

yeah it's good for the money but I'm not

even able to spend the money because

when do I have time to do anything now

there are those people who work two

part-time jobs and have huge flexibility

which is actually a pro in a way so if

you have two jobs and if you're in my

case have a full-time job and a

part-time job you might not have as much

flexibility at least I didn't because my

full-time job did not offer flexibility

if you have two part-time jobs you

generally can have more flexibility

which means those dreams that you're

chasing chase 'em which leads me to my

next Pro my next Pro of having two jobs

you could possibly have one job where

you're focusing on finances right you

need to just you just need this job

because you need to pay the bills and

then your second job is really actually

what you're passionate about

sometimes what we're passionate about

doesn't automatically bring money right

so it's always good to have a part-time

job or full-time job

that really is your bread and butter and

then having another job that is your

passion so you could work on that and

that way you'll be able to kind of

transition into what you're passionate

about but you'll also be able to pay

bills right so I think that's a good

thing about having two jobs if you want

to have two jobs but you know what

another pro would be the fact that you

are able to save money let's say you

don't have any dependents like you don't

have any children you don't have any

outstanding loans but yes if you did

those are all great items too like great

reasons to have two jobs by any means

necessary to make sure your kids are

well taken care of and then by any means

necessary you got to get that debt off

your hands so yes a second job is great

for that so maybe you will have to take

a season of just working two jobs at

least you might have to take a season of

adding another job because just to get

that loan that debt offer you because

trust me it will stay it's not going

anywhere if you don't have any other

financial responsibilities you can

invest that money you could buy a house

you can honestly use that money to build

your own empire right you can use that

money to invest in your own business I

consider okay I might have to suffer for

a little while a few months and get this

extra I don't know five thousand dollars

but I can invest this five thousand

dollars into this business whatever your

business idea is of course it's really

good with saving up money for investment

saving up money for your retirement

savings and saving up money for our

house so I think that those are all

really good reasons to consider a second

job so that's really what I have to say

so at the end of the day I think it's

all about what is worth your piece and

what is worth your time if you really

really value your piece and your time I

don't suggest you working two jobs at

the same time if anything I would

suggest you really work towards trying

to find that full-time job I know it's

easier said than done

listen full-time jobs are great because

a lot of times they come with

more benefits right in a more stable

schedule this is my experience these

aren't just my tips or what worked for

me it's really ultimately up to what you

value the most is either about money or

which agalya more the money or your

piece and time and what matters most in

this season right now if your money

matters most in the season get that

together you know what you have that

spending you know what you have that's

urgent so get that together as soon as

you can and I'm believing in you for

that dream that you have for that dream

job you have I'm believing in you for

that financial freedom so comment below

if you have any other tips and ideas

about managing just juggling two jobs at

the same time or multiple jobs or three

jobs you know comment that below and

then if you need help discerning what

that is so you know what you should do

as far as your passion or what you

should do as far as your finances for

one praying eyes God for that

discernment but feel free to always

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love you and God loves you even more

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