How I Manage Having 2 Jobs, School And Having a Side Hustle.

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hi guys it's Maddie and welcome back to

my channel for another new video what's

up so today's video is how I multitask

having two jobs going to school and

having a side hustle and a social life

and all of that stuff so um I thought a

lot of people would like to hear how I

do it all um it is a lot I haven't only

been doing this for like a month now

since school started I'm not perfect

nobody is and I wrote some things down

on my phone that I thought it would be

helpful for a lot of people so without

further ado let's just get started so

number one time management is everything

when I tell you if you have an hour to

that you feel like being lazy take

advantage of that if you have 30 extra

minutes to go do something go do it if

you have time to meal prep and save

yourself time and money throughout the

week with food meal prep those little

differences make such a drastic change

when it comes to like your everyday life

and that's what I've been doing over the

past month and it's really stepped up

the game second is have a planner a lot

of people have Google Calendar but I

prefer a physical planner I have the

passion planner which used to be like a

big thing a couple years ago but what I

love about it is there's literally time

blocks all throughout the day and what I

do is when they plan I do different

colors for different things like orange

is one job pink is another job yellow is

school and then workout and then

personal side hustle things and even

simple things is like grocery shopping

or like a to-do list or little things I

want to get done

I just time block it so I visually see

it and don't get overwhelmed when I have

a busy week this planner has honestly

saved my mental sanity not to be

dramatic but it really has um it keeps

me so organized it helps me not feel as

overwhelmed like oh my god I don't have

time to study oh my god I don't have

time to see this friend

blah blah blah I don't have time to make

a video you do have time you just have


prioritize where you spend it but I will

link the passion planner and all these

stickers down below I got them from red

bubble I have a Westie groovy thing some

random stuff but um definitely recommend

a passion planner I have the academic

one umm so keeps me really up to date

with school stuff deadlines

um daily tasks I have to do work little

things just keeps me very organized and

I love this planner number three your

downtime is your golden time let's do

like a typical Monday typical Monday I

have class in the morning I have a three

hour four-hour gap and then I have work

so in that three and four hour gap I use

half of it to one do homework or study

or meal prep grocery shop and then the

second half I use it for watching

YouTube videos I want to do

chilling out not being on my phone cuz

being on my phone honestly like stresses

me out for some reason so yeah any type

of little downtime I use it for me and I

just it could be 30 minutes it could be

an hour could be two hours but I just

use it to focus on myself and you

shouldn't be selfish about that because

I'm telling you it will benefit you and

like your mental sanity if you have

anxiety like me you know you can get

really overwhelmed and just having a

little bit of downtime every single day

just really changes the game for me

fourth thing make sure you have a day

off okay so um I really am obsessed with

working honestly I used to be a really

lazy person but in these last couple

months I've completely changed and I

used to just say yes to everything

whether that be an extra shift extra

helping out somebody with something

bla bla bla just make sure there's a day

where you don't have school or work or

anything going on I mean you can

socialize with friends that's not work

obviously but just make sure you have a

day where you're not attending to others

so whatever your jobs might be if you

babysit if you whatever just make sure

you have a day because that day will

just you just need a break everybody

needs a break and I've been really

horrible about um having one day off

where it's no school no work because

juggling two jobs and going to school

can be a lot but over these past like

two weeks I've been pretty good about it

and it's change the game I haven't been

having breakdowns I haven't felt so

overly anxious and stressed out because

I feel overworked and it's happening

just one single day if you can make it

to that's awesome but I can afford to do

that but yeah definitely just make sure

you have one day off um number five I

think it is you can do your side hustles

even though you may not thank you at the

time for it again organize plan do

everything that you can in your power to

see what your day is visually because

that's what helps with me and I wanted

to stay consistent with YouTube for a

long time I've been on and off making

videos probably since I was like a

freshman in high school maybe like

eighth or seventh grade and this is the

first time in my life where I'm actually

being consistent and um it just feels

good to be consistent about like a hobby

just like if you play the piano for

example you're not really gonna learn

and grow in that craft if you just

practice ones month

you got a practice like once a week or

twice a day or whatever it may be

um just keeping things consistent really

makes a difference in your hobbies and

you never know where they might take you

obviously YouTube's not really going

anywhere from me but I walked YouTube

all the time I hardly watch Netflix

shows and I like YouTube videos so I've

always wanted to make them but I thought

I always never heard the time but you

actually do so visually write everything


see how your week's goin and make time

for it I mean most things only take like

a couple hours um even like I pray film

sometimes um whatever and I just get

passionate about it because some things

in life you know they're always doesn't

have to be a direct outcome which means

like your work you get paid you go into

school to get a degree your hobby is

what your hobby is fulfilling like your

heart and your passion and your creative

side and that matters - um and how to

manage a social life I am NOT the best

at this I can totally admit that but I

love to tax people um and I love to

FaceTime people at least like a couple

nights a week when I get off of work

probably around 7 or 8 I come home and I

faced on people while I eat dinner or I

call people you know um another thing is

to keep relationships is I make sure to

call or text the important people in my

life at least every day um for example

my mom and I I moved out almost two

years ago and our relationship has

honestly never been closer because we

prioritize every single day either it's

a five-minute conversation and our

conversation just talk one today it's

really not by hard everybody can make 5

or 10 minutes so yeah but yeah that's my

tips um for how I multitask having two

jobs going to school and doing a side

hustle um my days never really stop

sometimes but you know it's worth it um

like having two jobs for me I mean I

could I could have just one job if I

really wanted to but having two makes me

available to do like next week I'm going

on a trip and I wouldn't be able to

afford that if I didn't have a second

job um I'm going to a concert this month

actually it's October

and I'm able to afford that ticket

because I have an extra job and um yeah

also I would like to process um I do

live on my own I don't live with my

parents I am about I would say like 90

percent financially independent my

parents do help me but only for like a

smidge um yeah so if you guys want a

video on how I stay financially

dependent at 21 years old let me know in

the comments below or DME or something

um love to make a video on that but yeah

this is how I hustle had 21 years old

I'm not perfect I break down sometimes

but this is how it's been working for me

so yeah if you guys like this video

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bye yo Compeyson yaaaa Oh is a good