I Want To Work 16 Hours A Day... Should I?

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hey what's up john sonmez from

so i got a question from my favorite

question and ask ask such good questions

that i always end up doing a video this

is from tom and he said that there's a

similar video to this one point to this

one it's called how to manage a

full-time job master's degree and a

business all at once but he says here

you've inspired me so much with your

hard work philosophy and we you've

previously mentioned that you busted

your butt for a few years making all the

courses and stuff to get yourself over

the hump to where you wanted to be

anyways I wake up at 6 a.m. each day go

to the gym before work and start work at

8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day after

that depending on the day of the week I

either work a second job from 5:30 p.m.

until 9:30 p.m. and get home 9:45 ish or

I go to school which is around a

40-minute drive during that time of day

from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and get home

around 9:20 p.m. or so I also usually

work eight hours of the second job on

Sundays as well as you know I make some

videos and teach a few udemy courses I

spent a few minutes each morning and

night responding questions on as that

has increased in sales lately and brings

it close to what my second job does now

do you think it's healthy to be working

like this or is it just too much it's

essentially 15 to 16 hour days of gogogo

and I'm planning on doing this for three

years to get really where I want to be

in my life and then cutting out the

second job when my wife and I have hit

our financial goals slash on our home

outright without a mortgage I am fairly

worried about burnout but I have a lot

of Drive and have developed some strong

routines at this point and for whatever

it's worth I'm only 28 also I could

potentially cut out some days of the

second job once my degree is completed

in roughly eight months and from now and

rest one two nights per week if need be

it's probably too much planning and

thought going into it all but I also

don't want to move through life thinking

I'm going to be rich someday I did a

video on that everyone thinks they're

going to be a rockstar like so many

people do without ever taking the

initiative to change the situations in

their in you as you know I know you're

in China now but

to hear your thoughts oh I'm back from

China but okay so here's the thing

Tom I first of all I'm gonna recommend a

book I've been recommending this book a

lot lately because I just finished a

book it's a really good book it's called

the ten X Factor by Grant Cardone it

basically like I found a person who

believes who kicks ass like in whips

people like I do telling them to get to

work and work hard because that's what

this book is about it's about applying

10x more than what is required of you

and always required to succeed in order

to actually succeed and I think that's a

great strategy and I think that's what

you're doing and I would say keep it up

he also talks about in this book of you

know just your life is going to be

working hard and that's going to be good

and you don't need a break from that you

don't need vacations and not that you

should never take vacations but you

should be basically feeling like you

need those things so what I would say is

that doing 15 to 16 hours a day is not

practical for an extended period of time

but I think you could take this

opportunity in your life and grind for

three years to get to that goal and it

would be worth it it's going to be hard

as hell you are going to face burnout 15

to 60 Meredith believe me I went through

this myself for about three years time

period where I was working you know

probably about the same it had a very

similar routine you have a routine

that's good that's what's going to get

you through this that's the only thing

that's going to get you through this is

this routine the end and the dream the

goal that you're reminding yourself of

why you're doing this and and committing

to to focusing and getting this done

that's what's going to get you through

it but I I totally owe a lot of people

give you advice and say no you're

working too hard and you should relax a

little you're going to get burned out

I'm not going to give you that advice

I'm going to say go for it I'm going to

say kick life in the balls and take no

prisoners and you're going to you commit

to doing this for three years but it's

going to change your life forever

heck you're 28 now when you're 31

wouldn't it be nice to like have your

life set like to totally alter the

course of your life and to to make it so

that you know you're setting your future

up for you of course of course it's

worth the sacrifice at 15

see nowadays for three years you can do

it it seems really hard but you've got a

routine you take it one day at a time

and you get that day done and then you

go on to the next date and pretty soon

the three years will pass and you'll be

beyond that and if I hadn't chosen that

path for myself in my life I would have

not gotten to where I am I would not

have reached the goals financially you

know physically mentally where I wanted

to be and so so yeah I don't honestly I

would've been on a totally different

path in life but I buckled down and I

was willing to pay the price it sounds

like you're willing to pay that price

you know you're going to have to watch

out for burnout because like I said it's

going to happen you're going to feel it

but you're going to have to power

through it if you want to achieve what

you're trying to achieve and like I said

remind yourself of your goals every day

make sure that you you have this routine

and just stick it's so much easier it

requires less willpower less discipline

if you have a routine like you do so for

those of you that are wondering you know

how could Tom can do this part of it I

mean he's he's a determined guy I know

this from talking to him but part of it

is having this routine having a routine

is so critical because when you know

what you're supposed to do and you know

what is expected of you and what you

should be doing at any given time it's

easier to do it it's much much more

difficult to to to go forward and to do

what needs to be done when you got to

figure out what that is and you got to

make choices you got to make judgment

calls and you have the option of failing

because you make the wrong judgment call

so yeah I think this is fine I think

this is good I'm going to be the only

person in your life is going to tell you

this everyone else is going to tell you

to back off to set smaller goals not to

work as hard but don't listen

to them do what you got to do you got

the energy and the motivation to do this

good push it push it to the limit and

get used to this right I mean this is

life like your whole life you're not

going to be working 15 to 16 hour days

probably not maybe you will maybe you've

been le LAN musk and I'm pretty sure he

does but you're going to be working hard

and there's so many people that they're

trying to and this was me for some time

I was trying to get to this point where

I wouldn't have to work so hard and


you're happiest when you're working hard

I did this video on on what makes you

happy you know working hard essentially

and then when you get a good job done

when you accomplish that job when you

accomplish the goal you know when you

break through and the obstacle and reach

the next one that's what really is going

to bring you the fulfillment in your in

your life so go for it like it uses get

used to working hard get used to this

being okay you know it's it's not I

heard someone say you know don't don't

ask for things to be easier ask for

yourself to become stronger to become

better you know it's not to not to not

be out of breath

nothing run to be easier but for you to

have better endurance right that you

want to build endurance you don't want

to make your path easier you want your

path to be hard so that you build

endurance so you're on the right track

buddy you know I appreciate your your

questions I appreciate your support and

I appreciate that you are doing what

most people will not do and you're going

to achieve things that most people will

not achieve so thanks thanks again Tom

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