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hi guys so today I wanted to do a video

on some tips for 12-hour shifts collage

ships are a beast of their own if you've

ever worked a job that's like eight

hours or ten hours you'll notice the

difference when you start working

12-hour shifts I personally love 12-hour

shifts because that means only work

three days a week but on those days that

I work it is very tiring because I'm

getting up at like 5:45 I'm leaving my

house by like 6:20 ish I start work at 7

I get done at 7:30 and I'm not getting

home til close to 8 o'clock so very very

long days but I wouldn't change it

because I have four days off a week

which is awesome so I wanted to talk

about some tips for 12-hour shifts the

first thing that I can recommend to guys

and maybe this is self explanatory is

you have to take care of yourself on

your days off of your 12-hour shifts and

think of a 12-hour shift like a marathon

and if on your days off you are not

hydrated you're not getting enough sleep

you're not getting enough exercise

you're not being a very like healthy

active person it's gonna be hard to go

to your shifts and be super duper active

and on your feet all shifts so you have

to have that balance of being active and

also resting on your days off my next

tip is to I feel like all these tips are

really honestly self explanatory but

maybe not you have to get a good night's

rest and I know this can be tough

sometimes if you have a baby or kids or

you're working night shifts so your

flip-flopping your schedules but really

try to have a good routine at night that

helps you get to sleep turn off all the

blue lights okay your phone your TV put

yourself to bed at a decent hour don't

be on social media maybe take a bath

make sure you're full whatever you need

to do to get a good night's rest do it

my next tip is to bring a lot of snacks

or drinks or whatever you like

to your shift it always makes it a

better shift when you like how

maybe I could lunch to look forward to

or a good snack or maybe you brought a

special drink or something like that

maybe you like coffee or I don't know

Crystal Light I don't know whatever you

like get those things and bring them to

your chefs because it just makes you

better when you have something to look

forward to on those long shifts bring

lots of snacks so that way if you're

kind of too busy to take a lunch up in

the mean time and you are hungry you can

just drop something take a couple bites

really quick that's the next - my next

tip is to wear scrubs and shoes

compression socks everything that makes

you comfortable if you're wearing a pair

of shoes that hurt your feet don't wear

those shoes if you're wearing scrubs

that are too tight don't wear them or

too loose don't wear them if it's gonna

make you uncomfortable just don't wear

it I personally wear compression socks I

will link the ones that I wear down

below and the description box they're

very plain and basic but do they help I

don't know but I wear them every shift

and for the most part by the end to my

shifts my feet and legs are okay given I

am 34 weeks pregnant when I'm recording

this video right now so that plays a big

factor into it but make sure you're

wearing things that are comfortable

because you're not you're just gonna be

kind of like irritated your whole shift

my next tip is to stay hydrated during

your shifts and it sounds silly and I

know you're like oh I don't have time to

go the bathroom but really if you are

drinking water consistently throughout

your shifts you're gonna feel much

better by the end of your shift and if

you just don't drink enough and you get

home and you're like so thirsty you're

so hungry and it's like literally like a

nursing hangover the next day because

you had such a rough shift and weren't

able to take care of yourself I can't

stress it enough I've said it and

probably at least 100 of my videos by

now but you cannot take care of patients

if you are not taking care of yourself

and that's so so true at the end of the

day you don't take those patients home

with you well at least I hope not and

your health matters more than the health

of the people that you're taking care of

care of and maybe that sounds selfish to

say but it's true if you're not taking

care of yourself how are you gonna do

to go take care of other people so make

sure you're taking care of yourself both

at work and outside of work my last and

final tip is for those who maybe is

struggle with the emotions of 12-hour

shifts or the things that you see but

make sure that you have a healthy outlet

of people to talk to about your shifts

whether that's a manager or a co-worker

or a spouse or a friend someone that you

can vent to about your long days because

you are going to have those days that

are super frustrating emotionally

mentally and it doesn't matter if you're

physically taking care of yourself you

have to emotionally and mentally take

care of yourself as well so have healthy

relationships in your life for you to go

home and talk to about those days that

you just like want to pull your hair out

or we're super stressed or someone to

cry to or laugh to or be angry to

whatever it is but make sure it's taking

your care of yourself physically

emotionally and mentally those are my

tips through 12 hour shifts I hope you

guys enjoy it he did give this video

thumbs up and let me know what other

tips you have in the comments below and

I'll see you my next video