How I Studied 100 Hours In One Week

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my name is Jimmy and this is what it

looks like to study 100 hours in one

week before we dive into it let's do

some quick calculations okay so there

are 24 hours in a day

x 768 hours in a week

- step by 100 hours of studying you have

68 hours of break time total in a week

and then if you divide that by 7 you

have 9 hours and 45 minutes of break

time daily and if you sleep for 7 hours

that gives you 2 hours and 45 minutes of

break time that excludes sleep which

means that 100 hours divided by 7 is 14

hours and 15 minutes of studying time

daily all right

it is 11:55 on Sunday May 24th so

starting on May 25th on Monday until

next Sunday for an entire week I'm gonna

try to do a 100 hours study slash

workweek there's really no reason why

I'm doing this other than the fact that

I just feel generally motivated to push

myself to study for as much as I can I

have a lot of research projects going on

and I'm studying for the u.s. board exam

so I kind of wanted to stay on top of

those things so I'll try to document

throughout the day how I'm feeling

mentally physically and how it's

impacting my life in general to be

accountable I'm gonna do a screen time

report on my phone so on Apple devices

it shows you what apps you've been using

throughout the day so if you see that

I've been using like Facebook Instagram

YouTube for 3 hours 4 hours a day you

know that I'm straight-up lying to you

if I'm gonna spend five minutes for

break every like 30 minutes of studying

or a couple minutes setting up the

camera to take a shot I'm just gonna

count it into my study time and not

counted as a scheduled break time so

it's already 12 on Monday I gotta get up

at 6 tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go to

bed I'll see how this week goes I'm

curious myself I'll see you guys soon


it is 11:30 feeling a little bit drowsy

after lunch sitting down and studying so

I decided to change my position made

myself a cup of coffee and decide to

study standing up


okay there's 250 on a Monday I could

take a nap right now but David Goggin

said you got to train your physical body

to train your mind so I'm gonna go for a

run come back shower and Gary get ready

to study again


alright back from the run ran 4.33

Commerce I'm using Strava for my running

diary I have an MD prospect running

group so if you search if you download

Strava and search mt prospect running

group you'll be able to running club

you'll be able to join my group I have

30 minutes now free time so I'm gonna

quickly take a shower and take a nap or







all right it's ended today filming this

during my YouTube time I'll share my

calendar at the end of the week but I'll

be lying to you if I say that I'm not

tired right now I'm not physically tired

but I'm mentally drained from all that I

think that I did today so I took a total

break time of 2 hours and 15 minutes

today's I genuinely enjoy what I learn

right now so it's not something that's

you know making me go insane I know that

I if I had to study something that I

don't like I know that I can't do this

but because I'm doing something that I

like I can manage to pull this off and I

think I can do it for the rest of the



our displays

all right it is Tuesday 12:45 after

lunch I've been doing questions sitting

down and lying down but it was getting

me drowsy so I'm gonna go outside it's

beautiful outside so I'm gonna take a

walk and do these antique questions

while walking that's the best thing

about Anki is that you can do it while

moving around so I'm gonna get these

questions done and then go for a run

after you know studying 400 hours

doesn't mean that you have to sit at a

desk 400 hours you can come outside do

questions thank you questions outside

you can move around


the rest of us


a good world


we wanna say

we're all gone



all right I just finished my second run

it is 3:13 I'm just gonna quickly shower

of extra 15 minutes I would like to take

an offer at this point but I only have

one hour break and I gotta use that for

dinner time so gotta get back to

studying hi everyone welcome to inspire


so I took extra 30 minutes today that

was carried over from yesterday to take

a nap

I was feeling really tired after dinner

so from now until 11:30 I just got up

put my head down and study




and a dig - took three hours and 15

minutes of break time as opposed to two

hours and 45 minutes so 30 minute extra

I feel fine

like I don't feel mentally exhausted or

physically exhausted I feel better than

yesterday - the artists probably because

of the 30 minute nap that I took this

one during our study week is honestly

not bad I thought it would be worse but

because I'm not standing doing surgery

or seeing patients and all that I just

feel like I have more energy than I did

when I was going through a clerkship


all right 6:34 I'm gonna film this

quickly before I start my day do I feel

tired and do I want to stay in bed a

little bit longer in the morning yes but

I turn on my phone and look at the

calendar and look at what I have to do

for the rest of the day a little bit of

anxiety kicks in and gets my heart rate

going and I'm up I would say that's

still a healthy dose of anxiety so let's

get started by reading critics or gtex




all right I just got back from doing

Anki and stairs sleeping only for four

and half hours last night was a big

mistake it's almost impossible to do any

YouTube stuff while standing 400 hours a

week but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut

put my head down and fight through this


alright end of day three I took a

30-minute nap in the evening and that

was probably the best decision of me the

the lack of energy that I have at the

end of the day is completely replaced by

a brand new day well I have full energy

when I wake up so although I'm feeling

tired now I know that I'll be back to

normal tomorrow

I'm just working overtime right now

editing that study with me video and

uploading it on YouTube so I'll have

that published by tomorrow I do have to

say that without Tasha I probably won't

be able to do this she's here helping me

cook clean and organize things so shout

out to her so far so good it's honestly

not as bad as I thought so I'll see you



alright it is 7:30 I'm about to start my

day I made a mistake yesterday I added

in my study with me video hour-long

video but then one of the songs called

copyrighted and I couldn't upload that

so I had to go back and re-edit the

whole thing and upload again which took

over two hours so I ended up sleeping at

2:30 in the morning I would say my

energy level is that like 60% and I'm

feeling a little bit groggy in the head

but with coffee I know I know I'll get

back to normal so just got to put my

head down and study again


all right it is two o'clock this morning

was 60 to 70% productive I just sat on

the balcony it was nice out so I worked

on the mitral valve paper I have a

meeting with the surgeon regarding the

paper tomorrow so I have to finish that

so I've been working on it all morning I

also haven't eaten anything yet all I

had was a small shortbread and a cup of

coffee and it's 2 o'clock now so I'm

gonna see if I can go to any of the

local businesses here and support them

and see if I can get food do they write


okay there's ten o'clock I'm just gonna

go back to studying right away here but

I want to talk briefly about energy for

the past two days I got like five hours

of sleep and fours asleep so I've been

running on really low energy but I took

a 7 hour sleep last night and I'm

feeling completely fine when I was saved

like my FIDIC physical energy is 100% my

mental energy is 100% I've also been

kind of eating healthy I haven't been

eating any junk food other than the four

shortbreads I had over the course of the

day yesterday I've been drinking a lot

of water tea coffee a lot of fluids and

I've been trying to go after runs every

day I failed at that but I've been

walking at least every day so it cannot

be understated how important keeping

your physical body running well when

you're studying for a long time if

you're eating junk food all the time if

you're if you're not sleeping properly

if you're not exercising of course

that's gonna impact your performance

your academic performance or your

studying so so far so good


like a gently


day five comes to an end I am so

exhausted but it finished a 6,000 word

paper 20 pages long a complete review on

the mitral valve I can't go into the

details but the sense of accomplishment

is just homeless euphoric going off for

dinners with friends where any social

activity would be totally impossible

with this schedule it's 100 our study

week is just just not sustain a

sustainable long-term so I tried doing

that YouTube thing couple days ago and

it's it's impossible if you do if you do

YouTube you'll get less sleep if you get

less sleep you can exercise and it just

spirals down into a dark hole I did

notice that my relationship is taking at


I'm not spent basically spending like

less than an hour with Tasha also if

you're on the schedule you can't run any

errands like I have to change my car

tires tomorrow but I just have to just

push back until next week because

there's no way that I can waste time

driving there changing tires and all


you would thinking babe your thoughts

are only getting

all right it's Saturday morning it's a

brand-new day I woke up feeling a little

bit tired but it took a hot shower and

I'm feeling fine now but I'm excited for

the new day I finished that manuscript

so I have two more edits three more

dynamic scripts that I'm working on in

terms of edits so I'll be submitting all

of those pretty soon here


alright I'll have the meeting with the

surgeon now I'll be back shortly

it's over

forget No

we say we call



it can't be over

oh alright it is 8:30 I'm gonna go for a

run with Tasha and I'll be back soon


just got back from a run join my

stronger group I have ten minutes to

shower and get back to studying that's

literally what's running in my head so a

shower and get clean


all right it is 10:30 another day comes

to an end I have one more day to go it's

no joke but I think I managed it pretty

well so far I'm gonna go to the bedroom

right now and do some ANCA questions

until probably midnight and then I wake

up early again tomorrow and get those

revisions done and study for yes Emily

it's hard to study for that because I

have so much research projects going on

but I just got to chip away at it slowly


just for novelty killing like you






all right today's Sunday midnight

heading into Monday 100 our weakest over

I'm so happy I'm very much looking

forward to the next few weeks where I'm

just gonna take it down a notch a little

bit also gonna break down everything all

the hours all the minutes and everything

shortly so I hope you guys have a good

night yeah



running through my veins since I was

bitten ever

it makes me it makes me cool