Why Most Americans Can’t Vote Online

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We do just about everything online today.

You can shop, connect, entertain and even pay our taxes with a simple

click of a button. So why are U.S.

elections arguably the most important political event in the country,

still held offline?

Online would allow people to vote from anywhere, from home, from work on

the road, etc.

And if we could do online voting in a secure way, it would be far more

convenient. And we wouldn't have to worry about whether the Postal Service

is going to be able to reliably deliver.

Especially right now when we're dealing with the covid pandemic,

it might be appealing to a lot of people because they don't want to have to

enter a crowded polling place.

They may not even want to have to walk out to their mailbox.

It would make, theoretically make it simpler for people.

The concept of voting online isn't anything new.

A dozen countries, including Australia, Canada and France, have

experimented with the format.

And Estonia, has held elections online since as early as 2005.

So why doesn't the United States hold federal elections online and will we

be able to see it in the near future?