How to create a poll on SLACK?

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hey everyone so today we will discuss

how to create polls in your slack app a

exists why I have to do it which apps

you can use etc so in order to easily

create polls in slack you will need to

add an app so in my experience of course

you have simple poll and you have pull

the app in my experience the best way is

to work with Polly so what you need to

do is you just need to install Polly app

so let's just do it so after I installed

my poly app I can see this notification

here in my slack interface and from here

pull the app offers you two types

basically you can start the poll or you

can do a survey so what is the

difference Paul is one question and

service many questions so you can create

a poll straight from your slack app so

you just should type Polly and then your

question so here it is so then I have