Rising Star -- How to Use the Voting App

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welcome to the rising star app where the

power to make dreams come true is in

your hands every week

we vote we decide we decide and our host

and expert panel are here to help show

you how is a breakthrough in technology

here's that work once you've downloaded

the free rising star app just tap the

app icon to open it you've now entered

the lobby the lobby is the apps waiting

area the first step is to register are

you over 13 years of age then tap this

white box then you just log in through

Facebook or Twitter if you want the

chance for your profile pic to be on

live TV

and you're over 18 tap the top box don't

cry if you're under 18 if you're at

least 13 enter your parents email

address and tap next a permission form

will be sent to them always ask