How does the Labour leadership election work? I Comment

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jeremy corbyn's reign as leader of the

Labour Party is over or at least it will

be but not until April so he has the

awkwardness of another dozen or so

sessions of Prime Minister's Questions

at the despatch-box opposite Boris

Johnson he'll have to respond to Sajid

Javid first budget in March and also

needs to start preparing the Labour

Party for local elections which are

taking place in May but during all of

that the Labour Party's focus will be

away from Jeremy Corbyn and lays it in

instead on the question of who should

succeed in the contest happens in three

phases and the first is rapid each

candidate has just a week to get the

nominations of 22 MPs or MEP s if they

don't hit that target they are

eliminated so that means a week of

frenzied persuasion Coleman