How To Vote In Indiana 2020

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hey Indiana if you wanna vote the

November presidential elections first

you need to register you can check if

you're already registered using the link

in the description if you still need to

register you can do that online if you

have a valid Indiana driver's license or

state ID if you don't have one say

you're a suna from another state or you

just don't drive you need to print out a

form and mail it in like with a stamp

which I get is kind of a hassle but it's

important so do it anyway both the links

to the online registration and the

printable form will be in the

description either when you register you

got to do it by October 5th to vote in

the November election okay so once

you're registered you have a few options

for how you can vote voting absentee by

mail is available in a few cases for