EU referendum: how would Brexit affect expats?

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it is scorching and for the Brits of

Bendel Amina on the Costa del Sol that

will do nicely the seed and quite

frankly all manner of after-dark

activities on a day like today it's not

hard to see the attraction in fact

hundreds of thousands of us liked it so

much we've made Spain our home so June

the 23rd really matters and of course

people are talking about migration the

difference here though is that the

migrants are s

this is Bonanza Square home to many of

ben de la Mina's British retirees we're

never far from a beer or two how are you

gonna vote then I'm gonna vote to stay

of course and it's that a lot of people

think it's because we live here it's in

our interest

but we're residents here we're legal

here we only have own house here that's