Denver Votes: How To Vote

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It's very important that you exercise your right  to vote. There are a lot of issues in our country,  

in our city and state, that, that require your  voice. So your ballot's actually going to start  

being mailed, uh, beginning October 9th. And that  gives you all the way to the last day to vote  

on November 3rd, 7 p.m to be able to cast your  ballot. So there are different ways that you can  

actually cast your ballot. One is by mail. One is  by bringing them back to one of our 38, 24-hour,  

boxes located throughout the City and County of  Denver. And the other way is to use one of our  

drive up ballot drop-offs. Starting October 12th,  we're actually going to be able to do curbside  

ballot service and curbside ballot pickup. And  all you got to do is contact us. Call ahead  

if you come in person. Depending on when you come,  you do have the ability to come get a takeaway  

mail ballot. You also have the ability to vote a  flat paper ballot in one of our privacy booths.  

Or if a voter is experiencing disability we also  have accessible ballot marking tablets available  

in all of our voter centers. Obviously coming  into a vote center is a little different  

nowadays because of the social distancing, and  because of the pandemic. If you do have to come  

in person to cast your vote we have  all kinds of protections in place.  

We will have plexiglass, or glass shields,  between the election judges and the voters  

every single pen, every single voting tablet,  everything that may come into contact with a  

person is actually sanitized between each voter.  Denver is also under section 203 of the United  

States voting rights act so all of our materials  are presented bilingually in English and Spanish.  

Know that it is safe, that is secure, it's  transparent, and it's so easy to be able to vote.