Voting as an Independent in the California Democratic Primary (w/ Ted Levine)

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hello I'm film and television actor Ted

Levine and I'm also here if you live in

the state of California early primary

voting is already begun you can find

your local registrar by going to this

link below if you're registered as an

independent or no party preference voter

the easiest way to participate is by

registering as a Democrat

luckily the state of California now has

same-day voter registration but if you

want to keep your voter status the way

that it is it's a little bit trickier

independent or no party preference

voters will have to request a Democratic

ballot at their local voting center if

you're by mail voter you can also

request a Democratic ballot by going to

this link below or both up right here

above why'd you change the village I

don't know look you got a hurry the