What Happens When I Go To Vote | Elections Canada

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You're going to vote in a federal election or by-election?

That's great!

Once you're registered, here's what happens when you go

to vote at your polling place.

When you arrive, an election worker will greet you.

Show your voter information card, if you have it, and the

election worker will make sure you are in the right place.

Then, the election worker will check that you have ID,

and will show you to the right table.

The workers there will ask you for your ID.

To vote, you need to prove who you are and where you live.

The list of ID is posted on the wall of the polling place.

You can also get it in advance at

After they check your ID, the workers will cross

your name off the voters list.

One of the workers will initial, fold and hand you a ballot.

Take the ballot behind the voting screen.

Mark the circle next to the name of the candidate

you wish to vote for.

Then, refold your ballot, to keep it secret.

Bring your ballot back to the table.