California Primary 2020: Why independents can vote for Democrats, but not for Republicans

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yes if you're an independent boater and

haven't cast your ballot already you can

still vote for a presidential candidate

on March 3rd but it doesn't work the

same for the two major parties if

politics is a sport then in California

Democrats are the Harlem Globetrotters

and the Republicans are the Washington

Generals just there to get dunked on in

fact the number-two biggest party in

California is not the GOP it's no party

at all California's got about five and a

half million independent voters

officially called no party preference

and in the presidential primary

California independents are allowed to

vote for a Democratic presidential

candidate if they want but not for a

Republican and no matter how many AM

radio hosts or internet trolls tell you

that's unfair or an evil conspiracy

it is neither when independents vote in

a party primary it's called crossover

voting California law allows the parties

to decide if they want it the state GOP

banned crossover voting the state Dems

decided to allow it so did the

libertarian and American independent

parties by the way and in practical

terms there's not really a race anyway

for the Republicans barring something

unimaginable President Trump will be

their nominee the Democrats race though

it's wide open if you're an independent

and you want to vote for president you

have to ask for a party ballot if you

didn't ask for one in advance the ballot

you got in the mail will not have

presidential candidates on it at all

February 25th was the cutoff to get a

new ballot mailed to you but you can

still vote for president you'll have to

go in person to a voting location in

your County to get a ballot that has the

presidential candidates on it this was

one of three explainers that we made to

help you understand the primary to learn

more about the delegates and how they're

awarded to the candidates you'll want to

check out this video to learn about the

race between the candidates themselves

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