How to VOTE on #BBNaija This Year | Pepper Dem: Big Brother | Africa Magic

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hello my people I'm back again yes Big

Brother Nyjah has been fiery hot and

things are about to get even better it's

time for you to take control and votes

this season there's four ways for you to

vote via SMS via the mobile site via the

desktop sites or via the my DSTV or my

go TV app to vote for your favorite

housemaid via SMS send the word votes

and your favorite housemates name to the

number three to zero five two one

SMS equals one vote and you can vote up

to 100 times each SMS costs 13 error you

can also vote online for free via the

mobile and desktop sites that said

you'll have to register first simply go

to Africa magic TV for that Big Brother

and register once you're there click on

the register button and complete the

form don't forget to use the

International formats for your cell

phone number for example plus two three

four one two three four five six seven

you receive an SMS with an OTP enter the

OTP to complete the registration process

once you're registered you're all set up

two votes so votes

simply go to Africa magic TV forward

slash Big Brother and click on the votes

menu button what's awesome about online

voting is that you get up to 200 free

votes that's 100 votes on your mobile

phone and another 100 free votes on your

desktop or laptop if you are a Nigerian

subscriber with an active DSTV or go TV

subscription Big Brother has great news

for you you will get an additional 100

free votes via the my DSTV

or my go TV app on the my DSTV or my go

TV app click register and complete the

form remember to enter your phone number

in the international format you will

receive an OTP via SMS enter the OTP and

just like that you're registered once

you're logged in click on the votes Now

button then click on sign in enter your

cell phone number and your chosen

password and here's the best part

select your favourite housemates

enter the number of votes you want to

cast and then click vote the voting

lines open straight after the nomination

show on Monday at 7:30 p.m. West African

time the lines will then close on

Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m.

West African time that's it guys

remember to keep voting to keep your

favorite p.m. housemates safe in the

house and keep watching the biggest

reality show on the continent on DSTV

and go TV