How preferential voting works in Australian elections

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Australia is one of the few countries

that uses compulsory preferential voting

for our elections but what is it let's

look at how it works

in the House of Representatives on your

green ballot paper you must rank all the

candidates otherwise your vote won't be

counted number one for your first choice

number two for your second choice and so

on when the votes are telling you if no

candidate obtains more than 50% of first

preference votes then the one with the

lowest number of votes is eliminated the

votes for that candidate are then

distributed amongst the more remaining

candidates according to second

preferences if there is still no one

with the merciful majority the second

last candidate is eliminated and their

votes are redistributed as well this

continues until a candle achieves a

simple majority the idea is that

preferential voting results in an

elected candidate who more closely

represents the will of the people so

when you're voting consider how your

preferences might flow as that could

have a big impact on who gets elected