This is how you vote in the United States!

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well what neither campaign accounted for

was what we call here an October

Surprise Napa's hurricane sandy with

power out in large swaths of the

Northeast especially in New Jersey it's

unclear how people are going to vote

because voting is done on electronic

voting machines well luckily for us we

got the chairman of the Chicago Board of

Elections to show us how one of these

machines work and we found out something

that would interest a lot of Indians can

you just show us how this works please


so if our voters have two choices either

to vote on paper or electronically the

first thing they have to do is activate

the card and the voters information is

stored right at the back here and what

we do is make sure that the voter is

entitled to vote as a right to vote

they're registered they have to register

before you can vote their voter

information is loaded on this card and

then the voter comes to the machine and

they insert the card this way okay and

you can see they can choose in Chicago

four different languages English Spanish

Chinese or Hindi they choose Hindi yeah

let's do it okay let's do it

press the Indy and you can see the first

information that comes up is in Hindi

we'll then move on to the next screen

and you can see all the candidates

offices are in Hindi and clearly like

you said this is just for practice so

that's because Abraham Lincoln certainly

is not running in this election right so

when we have demonstrators that show how

its system works we don't want to put

the real candidates on there somebody

might criticize us is trying to

influence the voters so we just put we

make up the candidates all right so

let's just press right here it says ah

glad that means move forward go on to

the next page which allows you am I

correct correct me if I'm wrong that's

the names of the president correct

options in Hindi you can go ahead make

your pick go forward and yes number one


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