How to vote if you're a British citizen abroad

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hi this is Steve with a message about

voter registration there's especially

for the 5 million UK citizens living

outside the UK so even if you're in

Britain you probably know someone living

abroad you can forward this message to

them any British citizen who's lived in

the UK within the last 15 years is

entitled to vote the trouble is you've

got a register and that registration

only lasts for one year that means at

the last election only like 20% of

overseas voters eligible to vote we're

actually registered to vote and then the

Tories 1x7 just 750,000 votes so here's

what you do you go to www.hsn

- - vote little online form takes a

couple of minutes to fill out you can

forward it on and when you do take a

proxy vote and lot of postal votes

because postal votes are generally great

but overseas postal votes can be too

slow a third of overseas postal votes

arrive too late to be counted

instead with a proxy you get someone

else to vote on your behalf in the UK

and if you haven't got anyone back home

and your constituency who can do that

for you just go to vote Labour Oh UK put

in the place you used to live and you

can connect up with your local Labour

Party will find a trustworthy labour

member you can cast your vote on your

behalf and this really matters because

wherever you are even if you started a

completely new life what happens in

Britain resonates around the world and

the world that our kids are growing up

in is worse than the world we grew up in

we've got government by the

millionaire's for the billionaires

inequality is spiraling out of control

climate change is spiraling out of


racism hate intolerance fascism fake

news lies smears are all spiraling out

of control and we need to stop it now we

need a government fundamentally

committed to the many and not the few to

turn things around

and by starting in Britain we can turn

the tide on all the Trump's and bowls

and arrows and Boris Johnson's wherever

they may be so please register to vote

vote labor and then pass this message on

to anybody you know living outside the

UK Thanks