HOW TO REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE || How to Vote By Mail + Am I Registered to Vote?

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in this video I'm going to show you the

four things that you need to know to be

able to register to vote


hey friends welcome to ad ultimate ester

the show we talked about the things that

you don't learn in school I'm Esther and

today we're gonna be talking about the

four things that you need to know to be

able to register to vote and how to vote

all kind of lump together you know what

I mean

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in this video make sure you hang around

to the end where I'll be giving you some

bonus information on which states allow

you to vote by mail and which states

have some stipulations but without

further ado let's get started first

thing who can vote and who can't

you can vote if you meet these four

requirements one you need to be a US

citizen - you need to be a registered

resident in your state this doesn't mean

you need to have a home you can still be

homeless and be a resident 3 you need to

be 18 on or before Election Day

different states have different rules on

when you're allowed to register but you

must be 18 at the time of what you're

voting and 4 you have to be registered

to vote by the deadline your state puts

forth heads up North Dakota doesn't

require you to register to vote you

can't vote if you are a non citizen

including legal permanent residents

depending on your state's rules if you

have felony convictions you also might

not be able to vote also depending on

your state's rules if you're mentally

incapacitated you likely can't vote

moral this story check with your state

website to know whether or not you can -

can't vote if you have any questions

regarding that second thing when you

register you'll need to register with a

party and the US may have a

bipartisanship which means there's two

main parties Republicans and Democrats

if you want to know more about those you

can check that link up here there are

other parties that you could register

with but those two are the dominant ones

depending on which election is taking

place that decides whether or not you

need to vote within your registered

party if you're voting for a federal

state or local election you're not

required to vote within your registered

party however if you're voting for the

presidential primary or caucus you might

need to vote within your registered

party but those rules depend upon your

state so if you're concerned about that

check with your state also if you find

that you register

with the incorrect party you can always

change and we'll talk about that right

now number three how to register to vote

before we go any further I have a

question for you

what state are you registering to vote

with and if you're not planning on

voting this year why let me know down in

the comments and hey if you're getting

value out of this video so far hit that

like button for thirty nine states plus

the District of Columbia you can

register online the other eleven states

you'll have to register by mail so make

sure you get that process started before

your state's voter registration deadline

to register online click the blue button

that says start your voter registration

if you're one of those thirty united

states plus the District of Columbia

simply select your state and fill out

the necessary information to find out if

you're in one of those thirty United

States click the link that says thirty

nine states plus the District of

Columbia and check to make sure that

your state is on that list to see if you

can register to vote online if you can't

register to vote online click the second

hyperlink and I'll take you to this

lengthy PDF form you'll need to fill it

out and submit it by mail you'll smell

it to the address starting on page three

that is indicated for your state again

make sure you get it submitted by your

registration deadline fun fact no matter

how you plan on voting you have to

register to vote as if you were doing an

in-person election first if you choose

to do an absentee vote early voting or

mail-in voting you can register for that

after let's talk about that now for the

2020 election because of kovat 19 all

states are going to be approving mail-in

voting but that doesn't mean that you're

gonna automatically receive a ballot

you'll still need to register for it in

at least 45 of those states to request

the mail-in or absentee ballot click the

link in the description that says

absentee voting scroll down to where

those plus signs are can click the one

that says request an absentee ballot

click the second link that says use a

website that helps you complete an

absentee ballot request click the

absentee ballot request and continue

with all the basic information filling

out this information will allow you to

be registered for an absentee ballot

which means it'll be delivered to your

door and an envelope where you don't

have to go to the polling place in

person you could be thinking I think

I've done this before

do I need to register to vote again

maybe if you received your voter

registration card in the mail already


the information on it is correct you

don't need to register to vote again

you're all good see you later

however if you have moved within your

state and your address has changed if

your name has changed or if you've moved

to another state entirely you do need to

register to vote again still not sure if

you need to register or not click the

link that says confirm voter

registration scroll down in the first

plus sign click it and click visit can I

vote to check your registration status

on this webpage scroll down and on the

right click the second hyperlink that

says voter registration status select

your state and fill out the information

is required this will let you know if

you're registered or not and we're here

we can see that I am registered to vote

and we can see my polling place

currently because of kovat it's been

undetermined number four how to vote

when election day comes around on the

first Tuesday in November and for 2020

election that's November third you will

need to go to your designated polling

place no you can't go to any polling

place you want to you'll need to go to

your designated polling place so that

you can vote you will not be able to

vote at other polling places depending

on your state's rules you may or may not

need to bring a photo ID like we already

saw each state has different rules about

whether or not you need to bring an idea

or not here we can see that some states

require strict photo ID strict non photo

ID a photo ID is requested an ID is

requested but a photo is not required

and some states require no documentation

necessary to vote but what if you

registered to vote by mail how does that

go don't forget to hang around for that

bonus tip at the end well let you know

if your state has some special

requirements on if you're allowed to

vote by mail or not when you elect to

vote by mail and your state has approved

you prior to election you'll receive a

manila envelope in the mail the envelope

will contain very explicit information

on how to do your voting make sure that

you use the correct color pen and that

you only vote for the correct number of

Delegates in each category otherwise

your vote might not count also make sure

you read all the instructions

especially the part regarding how you

fill out the front of the form as well

as when the deadline is if

vote is not submitted by the proper

deadline again your vote might not count

simply ensure that you get that envelope

in the mail by the deadline and you'll

be good to go

your vote will be counted okay so I told

you if you stuck around to the end I'd

walk you through whether or not your

state will allow you to vote by mail or

if they have some extra stipulations

well you're in luck there are five

states that will automatically send you

a ballot in the mail as long as you're

registered to vote those states are

Colorado Hawaii Washington Utah and


there are 28 states plus the District of

Columbia that'll allow you to vote by

mail if you explicitly request it with

no excuse required those states are

Alaska Arizona California DC Florida

Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Maine

Maryland Michigan Minnesota Montana

Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico

North Carolina North Dakota Ohio

Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Dakota

Vermont Virginia Wisconsin and Wyoming

the last 17 states require an excuse for

you to be able to receive a mail-in

ballot an excuse can be something as

small as I'm a nurse who works 12-hour

shifts and so I'm not able to make it to

my polling place during the designated

polling hours you can see more about

acceptable excuses in the link down

below here's the 17 states that require

an excuse for you to be able to do an

absentee vote Alabama Arkansas

Connecticut Delaware Indiana Kentucky

Louisiana Massachusetts Mississippi

Missouri New Hampshire New York Rhode

Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas

and West Virginia we got through a lot

today and way to go if you hung out this

far I hope you're choosing to get

registered to vote and let me know down

below in the comments what state you're

registering to vote in and if you're

choosing not to vote let me know why if

you're still sitting on the fence about

whether or not you should vote check out

this video up here on why you should

vote and why you shouldn't today we

talked about four points regarding voter

registration and voting who can and

can't vote how to designate your party

when you're registering to vote and

change it how to register to vote and

how to vote if you got value out of this

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