RISE and GRIND: How to OUT-HUSTLE the COMPETITION - #MentorMeDaymond

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I didn't wait till January or wait till

I had a million dollars in sales oh wait

till I was perfect all this for one of

me because the time was never perfect I

decided to start right away

discipline creates freedom discipline

creates freedom that's it

don't think when you get to a certain

level you just know everything

what's that believe nation it's Evan my

one word is believe and I believe in you

I believe you have an amazing gift

inside you that I want to see exploded

onto the world now I started the mentor

me series to try to hang your own people

who've done a lot more than us and

hopefully by spending a little more time

with them some of their beliefs their

mindset their attitude seep in to us to

help us become the best version of


so today we're going to learn from one

of the best Daymond John and how to rise

and grind



alright let's kick things off with rule

number one rise & grind here's the

concept of the book you know as we had

talked about the power broke and the

fact that I wanted to get people to

realize stop using the fact that you

don't have money as an excuse I

understand everybody else in the world

tells you you need money to make money

and all that other kind of stuff

yeah and I want to give people the

mentality of all right listen I'm gonna

need to do this myself and I need you I

need to use my slack resources about the

resources that are right in front of me

to get where I want to go

so now after a lot of people have

responded to that book really well and I

first I thought they were gonna hear how

it broke I don't wanna I don't wanna be

reminded of me being broke or I don't

want to hear what name was bro responded

to really you know to you know really

amazing way they started to ask well

what are techniques you know I mean now

and now I have the mentality

what are techniques that you do every

single day and why are you more

successful than this person or this

person more successful this person we

all have the same 24 hours in a day so

that's when I created this new one rise

& grind and the theory is that listen

every day we're gonna rise if we're not

gonna rise we're dead right that's your

defense just rising right sure what your

grind is your offense and I've studied I

believe I've studied dozens of subjects

but I put about 16 subjects in this new

book and they range from everywhere from

award-winning actress Catherine

zeta-jones to Santana Carlos Santana to

our our crazy friend Gary Vee to you

know a young man named Kyle Manor who

was born with no arms and no legs and

army army corridor Mount Kilimanjaro I'm

sure you know as well to various other

people are Brian Lee who started


and with Kardashians a LegalZoom and

then all of a sudden he does Ana's

company with the Jessica Alba I love

that he wanted to be a rapper he wanted

to be a rapper

I think he was a young Asian man who

told his parents he's moving to New York

to be a rapper I'm gonna tell you his

rapping name I'll let you read the book

what you know I asked them all the same

questions and then some different ones

what do you do the first

Minister your day what do you do the

last 90 minutes of your day what did you

do when you were 20 that you no longer

do when you're 40 what are you and you

were 20 but you forgot to do and then

when you start doing it again when you

were 40 or 50 you realize what got you

back to this point yeah

and I I would I found probably over 50

things in there that everybody did in

some way or another very similar whether

in the more jolly old steam whether it's

in the morning they either prayed

meditated mentally like me set a goal

and sown doubt they took some time for

themselves yeah and I found various

other things and and it's amazing and

fascinating so this is what I wanted to

create for people because I wanted them

to either say I'm on the right track I'm

doing something everybody was laughing

at me when I do this or maybe actually

try this one because what this one

doesn't work as well as this one yeah

and I've been using myself a lot of this

stuff and it's been working for me too

has been helping improve my life and and

that's I'm a student of my books because

I'm trying to ask them the same exact

thing that other people want to know

rule number two is break down your grind

now at the time when I first decided to

start my own clothing company I went

home and I sold around 90 hats with my

next-door neighbor we sold these hats

for ten dollars each in front of the New

York Coliseum mall and made eight

hundred dollars in a single day

at the same time to make ends meet I had

a full time job at Red Lobster while

still running Google in between those

shifts this is when I learned what it

meant to ride and grime I had to start

writing down my goals was I gonna put in

five hours a week ten hours a week a

hundred hours a month into this business

and how much time was I gonna work at

Red Lobster

what was my rise and what was my grind I

had to break down on my grind daily

weekly monthly annually to see where I

was going I didn't think I was gonna

build a billion dollar corporation or a

globally recognized name but it was a

step by step by step but I was taking

every single day and I didn't wait till

January or wait

I had a million dollars in sales don't

wait till I was perfect call all the

stores one of me cuz a time was never

perfect I decided to start right away

and start writing down my goals what

sacrifices are you going to take how

will you rise and grind

rule number three be selfish what I

found out is every way in the book is

extremely extremely selfish and what

they do is take care of themselves first

so they could be better everybody else

they wake up in the morning they don't

answer any emails for the first hour

because they're answering everybody

else's problems what they do is they

look at their inboxes their defense in

their out boxes they're all fit so they

send out emails they don't look on

Twitter and Instagram for a while

because they get caught up they also

cherish and love their family and they

set times to be with their family and

then they go to work

other people they look at their emails

they then go and kiss their family they

never see their family the rest of the

day they go to the on they drive to work

they hear the world blew up the other

thing about that then they go and work

for everybody else and successful people

are extremely selfish they do things

like how you do is go to the go to the

store and you want to hear what people

think about the show because that's what

we call proof of concept you're not so

far up the ladder but you don't want to

hear what people think so you can make a

joke yet rule number four be disciplined

discipline creates freedom discipline

creates freedom that's it you have to be

disciplined you have to have a method

you have to act learn and repeat and you

have to keep figuring it out

you know I'm Pete this book is not going

to this book is not going to give you

the answers to life this book is going

to give you a technique to act on it and

then next year you may have to switch

that technique up and use something else

in the mirror because people always ask

us the same thing how do you have

work/life balance

you know how do you take care of you how

do you advance your company but yet pay

attention to the to the to the customer

that really is taking care of you but

are we you're gonna move into this new

area like without ignoring them how do

you get good management underneath you

how do you you know cash flow is always

an issue how do you increase sales or

reduce costs how do you gain new

customers in the world you know what do

you do with your kids how do you spoil

the kids or not spoil the kids make you

know we all have the same exact problems

so what we have to do is look at these

techniques and create a bunch of

discipline this

my reactions and you'll see what works

at what doesn't but some things are not

gonna work you gonna fix it you gotta

fix it you know rule number five always

keep learning don't think when you get

to a certain level you just know

everything the same as a goal of getting

them a certain amount of money because

the minute you feel you know everything

that's the only time you're never gonna

learn anything right because you think

you know everything and it was it's part

of the process of always trying to

figure myself out you know and I know

everybody's main questions work-life

balance health you know working and

enjoying life against working and you

know creating something big you know

what I mean and that is always no matter

what throughout your education process

is something you constantly have to

learn about you know so that's exactly

why I write these books because I'm

probably the biggest fan of my books

than anybody else cuz I'm no longer

writing books about myself

you heard my my story right I want to

find out from other people when it's

happened to them to see how I can

empower myself and rule number six the

last one before a very special bonus

clip get specific here's the bottom line

with wire rule rising grime everybody

tells us you got to work hard alright we

got that yeah but if you want to go out

and be an athlete or a chef or anybody

else you have to get very specific

curriculums on how to do it so you want

to be an athlete how do I train this

muscle how do I take better shots how do

I do this and that what is the exact

recipe so what I did was ask everybody

what the first 90 minutes of their day

is what's the last 90 minutes of the day

work-life balance all these things and

you'll see exact techniques and recipes

and no longer have to you know you just

go work on work smart instead of you

know work Mel is giving you exact

techniques and you will either say I'm

doing this and I'm on the right track or

you'll go let me try these other couple

of things cuz I haven't run okay number

five doesn't work but number three does

and you'll start to see other techniques

that you can apply to yourself because

everybody's gonna train different

now I've got a very special bonus clip

from Daymond John on how he takes care

of his health but before that I want you

to make your commitment of the day leave

it down the comments below what did you

learn from this video that now you will

apply into your life and your business

what is your commitment today leave it

down there I'm excited to see what you

have to say thank you guys so much for

watching I believe in you I hope we

continue to believe in yourself and

whatever you're one where it is much

love I'll see you soon and enjoy the

bonus clip

you know we all talk about business all

the time but the aspect of health is the

most important part nobody talks about

it yeah nobody talks about it most

business men and women you go around and

you're traveling all the time you know

you know the the best things then you're

you're a two and three dinners a night

you're drinking because you born with a

lot of people you're drink cause you're

happy because you're off you know you're

not sleeping you're in between climates

and things of that nature and then all

of a sudden it implodes and you have

nothing left

yeah crazy yeah do you have a schedule

every day then for your health or now

mmm I try and you know I'm not perfect I

go back to the book walk then to look at

all the things that I want to do so you

know I'll give you example suede you

know loves to say hey I get up and I

bust down you know four sets of twenty

five push-ups a day and gets my

adrenaline running I was doing that

until I blew my shoulder out there and

something else right yeah so now what I

do I sure do i I was actually diving in

Mexico and trying to embarrass my

daughter's what this was this dive and I

hurt my shoulder I fires myself but but

yeah but you know all right so now I

have to adjust that so what do I do sit

up all right so maybe now after I will

answer emails after uh

when I do but I'll be walking on the

treadmill for two hour answering them

you know later on so I get I get my put

the steps and I'll do leg lifts I'll do

whatever the case is but again it's

always adjusting right I'm not gonna

make any suit oh my heart blown out and

I can't do anything right Chris Kyle


climb Mount Kilimanjaro you know I was

so late Oh what the hell's wrong with me

I got something on my shoulder here and

I can't work out yeah one sees one

yeah the most important work ever if you

had to think of one word that's most

important to you or that sums you Apple

that would be like a little beacon pay

believe nation if you want to know what

the most important one word is for Tony

Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah Winfrey and Howard Schultz I have a

very special secret video for you check

the description for details