How to Vote as a U.S. Citizen Living Abroad!

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KATHERINE TENEROWICZ: Voting from overseas is really simple.

Just visit to register and to request

your absentee ballot.

Remember, voting regulations vary from state to state.

So select your state of residence on the map

and follow the instructions to submit your application.


SERH WYNGOWKSI: This is a really common question

among overseas voters, as some may have spent years outside

of the country.

For voting purposes, you should use

your state of legal residence, or if you don't have one,

the U.S. address where you last resided.

NORVA HALL: We offer a convenient option for voters

here in Korea.

Once you've completed your ballot

and sealed it in the postage paid envelope

provided by your election authority,

you can drop it off at the embassy.

KATHERINE TENEROWICZ: Election Day is quickly

approaching, so do it today.

SERH WYNGOWKSI: For other options or scenarios,

check out