How to Figure Out Who to Vote For

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Hello brains!

(intro music)

Thank you so much for electing me president!

I am so honored! I mean, just...I knew the channel was doing well, but wow!

Anyway, now that I'm president I'm going to make sure that every student

gets a great education.

I'm going to make sure the country is completely safe!

And most importantly, I'm going to put a basket of fidget toys on every teacher's desk!

(telephone rings)

President Jessica...

Apparently I can't do any of that.

If you're wondering why I'm in the oval office today It's because mental health including adhd

doesn't get the attention or funding it deserves

and supposedly that's because people with mental health issues don't vote.

Let's change that perception, and

while we're at it let's clear up some confusion.

Turns out while the president

gets all the attention during elections

they don't have all the power once they're elected.

They can't even make laws!

That's actually a good thing because it means if I was elected president,

I couldn't mandate that all citizens eat

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on

Wednesdays, just because I like them...

Oh! Thank you. It's good to be President.

Mmm. No one person should have all that power -

certainly not me. You know who does have the power to make laws?

We do. But most of us haven't been using it.

Oh -- thank you.

Here's how it works.

This is the president.

This is us -- not all of us, obviously because we can't all fit...

So we elect people to go for us and make sure our needs and voices are heard.

Together, we are the ones who get to make laws, and

decide how our tax money gets spent

*cough*fidget toys*cough*

This is Congress, and their job is to speak for us.

But if your voting process looks like mine usually does...

I don't know any of these people!

Multiple choice is usually C...

Your voice isn't really being heard.

Look, if you couldn't make it to a work meeting, you'd have someone speak up for you

about the donut policy in the break room, and you'd ask someone you know.

You wouldn't trust a total stranger to know how you feel about donuts --

that you hate the crumby kind and that that's all that's left because some people take two --

They should really make a policy against that --

And you wouldn't trust someone else to decide who should speak for you, because who knows?

Maybe they'll argue that you shouldn't get donuts at all!

And no donuts is no solution.

my name is Jessica McCabe and i approve this message.

Paid for by donuts for Jessica McCabe

Maybe you don't trust politicians, but whether you trust them or not,

decisions about donuts are happening in Washington every day,

and someone is speaking about your donuts.

Who do you want talking about your donuts?

You don't know, and neither do I. Let's find out.

What would we need to know before we decide who we want speaking for us?

Their name helps.

How do we find out their names?

If you got a sample ballot it'll be there, but

if you're like me and forgot / possibly lost yours

there are plenty of sites that can give you the same information.

Ballotpedia is one of them. Just type in your address and click!

Ok, cool, presidential candidates... we're tired of hearing about them...

Where are my congresspeople?

Under Congress. Right.

Let's look at my senators. Great!

These are my choices -- Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez.

They all look very nice...I know nothing about them.

Uhh...Let's see what they say about themselves.

Website...ooh! Issues.

Ok, so one of my donut issues is mental health....

aaand... that is not an option.

Ok, education. Ok, cool, Harris supports

identifying early developmental needs...She might care about fidget toys!

What about Sanchez? Ok, she cares about early education

and healthcare seems to be important to her.

Let's see what other people say about them.

Harris is endorsed by

the California Teachers Association, both former senators, and the president.

Let's see what they've done -- you don't want someone saying they're for donuts, but

every time donuts comes up they vote no donuts.

There's a website where you can see their past voting records.

Harris doesn't have a voting record yet, and Sanchez didn't vote on a lot of these.

Okay, I still don't know who to vote for.

Let's try Google!

What?! There was a debate?! Facebook, why didn't you tell me?

Play... As you go through this process,

you might find you don't agree a hundred percent

with any of the candidates.

Chances are, you don't agree a hundred percent

with any of your friends, either,

but you'd still send one to go to the meeting to talk about the donut situation!

You would just make sure it's one who cares about doughnuts.

And if you really can't find anybody you like,

that's why it's important to vote in smaller elections, too.

National candidates don't come out of nowhere.

Today's City Council member could become

your next state senator who can become

your next congressman who can become a

future presidential candidate.

Somewhere right now there's a school board member

who could be sitting in this chair someday.

The real one -- that's why every vote counts,

and if you really can't find anybody who

agrees with you, remember,

They're just people. Once they're in office you can

contact them and explain the situation,

and help them understand why it's important to you.

So for now figure out who best represents your needs and beliefs,

and get out there and vote for them.

(alarm starts) But how? where? when? This is gonna take forever.

(alarm continues) Voting is haaaaaard!

(alarm still continues) George Washington, this is your fault!

(yep, more alarm) Why does this have to be a democracy?

(alarm stops)

Google, how do I vote?

Oh. That was surprisingly easy.

That's it for this week! Special thanks

to YouTube Space L.A. for letting us use

their awesome Oval Office set,

Jo Meleca-Voigt for helping me write this episode,

Reggie brown for his cameo,

and the Patreon brains, without whom this

wouldn't be possible.

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To my international brains, I know this was a little

America-centric... i'll be back to my regular content next week.

Bye, brains!

(outro music)