Xbox One backwards compatibility how to vote

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what is going on guys and welcome back

today I just want to make a quick video

to let you guys know about something for

Xbox one backwards compatibility that i

did not know what's going on until i

just now saw it i wanted to make a video

on it to make sure everybody knew about

it and that is if you go to the

on backwards compatibility i'll link it

down description so you can go vote it's

got polls for voting for what you want

them to do next for backwards

compatibility now I've been really hype

for black ops one coming to backwards

compatibility but I mean black ops 1

i'll be happy about it i love the

zombies it wasn't my favorite

multiplayer in the world I just failed

on this course but it wasn't my favorite

multiplayer in the world but I will

enjoy because it's classic cod now what

I did want to do is I wanted to or I

want I've been wanting them to do a

different card and so I saw this I was

just looking to see if black ops ones

coming out yet on xbox one and I didn't

realize those as pull going and

currently in the lead right now in all

games that people won't back is black

ops 2 it almost 150,000 votes now it's

150,000 people on xbox one alone there

just voting for it like I didn't even

know I'm around now in a close third i

believe is mw2 for like 113,000 ish

close behind and Skyrim second a lot of

Skyrim fans but I mean I would love to

see black ops 2 I mean I played the crap

out of black ops 2 anything to get

around black ops 3 multiplayer I love

black ops 3 zombies but the multiplayer

it's painful but any of the old cod so

do i would love to have all of them but

i was thinking i actually haven't voted

yet i was thinking what i should vote

for i haven't decided yet i'm thinking

black ops 2 but at the same time it

would be fantastic to play mw2 with no

hacked lobbies I mean how sweet would

that be I don't even care if it's

remaster just no hacked lobbies give us

the dlc 2 by who mw2 oh that would be


it would be nice if they would reduce

the deal see because I add it on ps3 so

I won't have the DLC purchased but

anyway you can vote for all the cards

all the cards black ops 2 and back to

world at war or cod4 from cod4 to black

ops 2 are on there you can go vote for

them or you can vote for another game

love to see you go vote I love to see

Microsoft go ahead and do the backwards

compatibility I really want to see black

ops 1 I would love to see MW to wear

black ops 2 or really any cod I would

love to play on my next gen console on

these old cards with with new lobbies

and fresh players and no hackers and

just it feel like a new game because we

haven't played these games in a long

time fresh new console it would just

feel like a new cod because it would

really be missed because I'm not

enjoying the multiplayer on black ops 3

i've played a lot of zombies but i'm not

enjoying the multiplayer and i'm sure

there are a lot of other people that

agree with me i mean if you enjoy it

great but i might find this futuristic

multiplayer so whatever so go ahead and

go over and vote link will be down in

the description thank you guys so much

for watching tell your friends about

this make sure everybody's voting and

I'll catching the next one thank you

guys like