Overseas Voting for U.S. Presidential Elections 2020 - A Four-Step Guide

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the 2020 u.s presidential elections will

take place on november 3rd

registering to vote and submitting a

ballot can be done from anywhere in the


i'd like to share four simple steps to

vote in the 2020 u.s elections from


first register to vote

start by confirming your voter

registration with your state

each state has its own deadline to

register and some states require

absentee voters to register annually

go to to connect to your

state's voter portal

and register to vote second request your


it's never too early to request your

ballot most states allow you to do so

through their state election portals

which you can easily access at you can also choose to complete

a federal postcard application that

allows you to request

absentee ballots for all elections for

federal offices

for that calendar year to fill it out


include a signature and gate these forms

are acceptable

by all local election officials in every

u.s state and territory

when you fill out your form we encourage

you to select the option to receive your

ballot electronically when available

this is the fastest way to get your

ballot and send it in

before your state's deadline third

receive and complete your ballot

states are required to send out ballots

45 days before a regular election for

federal office

most states allow you to confirm your

ballot delivery online

lastly return your completed signed


in some states you can do this

electronically if your state requires


to return a paper ballot by mail you can

send it using international mail

or professional courier service


you can drop your ballot off at the

consulate in the box outside of the

consulate's main entrance

on any working day during business hours

from 8 30 to 4 30.

most ballots include postage paid

envelopes if you're using your own


check that you have sufficient postage

before mailing your ballot

or placing it into the consulate's

drop-off box it is very important to

submit your ballot with plenty of time

for it to reach your state

all overseas u.s citizens are advised to

submit their ballots with enough time

to reach your local election officials


voting from abroad is as simple as that

and remember

your vote counts