The Voice Season 10 - How to vote!

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hey everybody how's it going I wanted to

give you a quick little voice update

about voting a lot of people have been

asking me how to vote now that we're

getting into the live shows and you know

the voting really comes into play so I

wanted to make a little video kind of

detailing the different ways that you

can vote just so we all know how to do

it the first way that you can vote is by

going on iTunes and downloading the song

of the artists that you want to vote for

this counts as one vote unless it gets

into the top 10 on the iTunes charts in

which case all the votes get multiplied

by 10 adding up to a ton of votes so

that's awesome the next way that you can

vote is by downloading the official

voice app from the App Store and Google

Play it looks and sounds like this

and on the voice app you can vote for

each artist up to ten times the third

way that you can vote is on /

the - voice or on / NBC The

Voice and on here also you can vote for

each artist up to 10 times those two

things go to the same wherever so you

can vote on NBC or Facebook it's the

same thing but all of this adds up to a

total of 21 votes that you can cast per

artist which is a lot of votes that

really makes a difference and you know

it was very meaningful so I urge you

guys to vote vote vote this has been one

of the greatest experiences of my entire

life and you guys have made it so

incredibly special with your support I

cannot say enough about how wonderful

you are but I can say that I am very

very very excited to perform for you on

live TV next week and I am excited to

see what happens next

so thank you so much