6 Times The NBA MVP Voters Got It WRONG...

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every NBA season the league's top-tier

talent battle it out for not only the

chance to win a championship but also to

be named the league's Most Valuable

Player of the season the MVP award is a

very prestigious honor that signifies

the player that performed the best all

season long in the eyes of the voters

and often times is a very nice

individual validation for someone's Hall

of Fame case the problem with this

testament though is that the people that

vote for the winner of the award don't

always get it right leaving fans

questioning and debating the decision

making of said voters this brings us to

the topic of today's video where we will

be taking a look back at six times the

voters of the MVP award in my opinion

chose the wrong guy as well as

discussing who should have won the award

in their place before we start though

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being said let's begin the first time

the voters got it wrong that will

discuss today is also the most recent

example on the list which is the 2017

MVP race where the voters chose Russell

Westbrook the race for this award was

one of the closest most highly debated

debates in recent memory and for good

reason while Russ absolutely did have a

historic season that year I was at the

time and still to this day believe the

awards should have gone to James Harden

and here's why yes this was the first

year that Russell Westbrook averaged a

triple-double over the course of an

entire season which was the first time

anyone had done it since Oscar Robertson

however when you look at hardens numbers

they're almost completely identical to


heard an average 29 point 1 points a


11 point 2 assists and 8.1 rebounds per

game while scoring the ball very

efficiently with

61.3 true shooting percentage roses

averages of 31.6 points ten point four

assists and ten point seven rebounds per

game look better because of that

rebounding number being in double digits

but rebounding from a guard shouldn't be

the deciding factor in an MVP to be plus

harden led the Rockets 255 wins which

was good for the three seed that year

while Russ and the Thunder only won 47

games good for sixth place in the West

Ross won because of the history

surrounding the triple-double but

ultimately Hardin had very similar

production that led to better team

success the next example of this up on

this list came in the 2011 season where

the voters chose Derrick Rose for the

award now as most of you already know

this was the first season that LeBron

James played in Miami

after the very infamous decision that he

aired on ESPN at the time he was one of

if not the most hated players in the

league and it became very easy for

people to root against him because of

this whether people want to admit it or

not there was definitely a bit of bias

against him in the media and they were

likely looking for any reason not to

give him the MVP award that year plus as

it just so happened Derrick Rose made a

major step forward in his game and

played a massive role in the Bulls

getting the 1 seed in the East

the combination of him being a much

better feel-good story and the team

success was enough for the voters to

give him the edge over LeBron however

the reality of the situation was that

the Bulls only won four more games than

the Heat so the team success edge was

very minuscule and individually LeBron

blew him out of the water on both

the floor LeBron had won the previous

two MVP awards as well so voter fatigue

may have also played a part in this

decision but ultimately LeBron was more

worthy of the award that season next up

on this list is the MVP race of 2008

which was won by Kobe Bryant up until

this point Kobe had not won a single MVP

award in his career yet the belief

amongst many of the fans and members of

the media was that he was pretty

deserving of at least one in prior years

because of this belief the voters were

looking for a reason to finally give him

one in order to make up for previous

years Kobe had a terrific year this

season and the Lakers were the 1 seed in

the West so the formula of giving the

award to the best player on the best

team Fitts here but looking deeper into

the context of his competitors

Chris Paul had a much stronger case to

start regarding team success the Lakers

won 57 games this season and the Hornets

won 56 so the team success aspect is

pretty much a wash individually Chris

Paul put up 21 point 1 points a

league-leading 11 point 6 assists and a

league-leading 2 point 7 steals and he

also shot 49 percent from the field and

37 percent from 30 this was in an era

before point guards were trusted with

the high usage that they are in today's

game so 20 and 10 from a point guard was

absolutely elite especially with his

efficiency to this season was Chris Paul

at his absolute peak and while he will

go down as one of the best point guards

ever he should have had at least one MVP

added to his resume next up on this list

continuing on our discussion from the

last example is the 2006 MVP race that

was won by Steve Nash back in the

mid-2000s the sun's offense was

revolutionary they ranked near the top

of the league in offensive rating year

in and year out and Steve Nash was the

biggest reason for that he pushed the

pace and played a fun up-tempo style of

sketball that created tons of easy

points for his teammates and he had the

vision to create for others at a level

that matches the all-time greats on top

of that he was hyper efficient and a

highly reliable shooter the reason that

I disagree with this MVP selection

however is because it just so happened

to coincide with Kobe Bryant's best

season as a pro in which he averaged

over 35 points scored 81 points in a

single game and carried a team of quite

frankly bones to the playoffs with 45

wins the Suns were only the third best

team in the West that season so it's not

even like they gave it to the best

player on the best team and while the

sun's were definitely better than the

Lakers Nash unquestionably had a lot

more to work with in regards to how good

of teammates he played with going back

to the last example we discussed Kobe

definitely deserved an MVP in his career

but it should have been this season

instead of the 2008 season next up on

this list of times the voters got the

MVP wrong is the 2005 season when the

Steve Nash was crowned with his first of

his two MVPs now I really hate to pick

on Steve Nash in this video like this

because he really is one of my favorite

players I've ever watched but it's just

so difficult to deny that he won two of

the most questionable MVP awards in

league history this race definitely did

come down to giving it the best player

on the best team as the Suns did finish

with the best record in the NBA but

Nash's individual production was some of

the lowest on MVP has ever averaged

putting up 15.5 points and unadmitted

Lee really high 11 and 1/2 assists per

game the player that I believe should

have won this award was Shaquille O'Neal

who was playing his first season as the

member of the Miami Heat and his

presence instantly elevated the team in


the season before the heat were just

barely above 500 winning 42 games but

this season they won 59 games and

finished with the best record in the

East and Shaq was the biggest reason why

he averaged twenty two point nine points

ten point four rebounds and two point

three blocks per game while leading the

NBA in field goal percentage at 60.1%

there's no doubt that Nash elevated the

Suns to top of the league but Shaq's

value was on full display when he took a

500 team to the top of the East and with

better individual production on top of

that should have been rewarded with an

MVP and finally the final example in

this video comes from the 1997 season

when the MVP gave the award to Karl

Malone if there was ever a year in which

a booter fatigue was real it was

definitely this season Michael Jordan

had already won for MVP awards in his

career at this point including the last

season's award and the reaction to this

choice this season was people assuming

that they just decided to give it to

someone else for a change

Karl Malone who is one of the best power

forwards ever and certainly had a

terrific season put up twenty seven

point four points nine point nine

rebounds and four-and-a-half assists per

game while leading the Jazz to a

franchise best 64 wins Jordan on the

other hand was still just as dominant as

ever averaging twenty nine point six

points which led the league 5.9 rebounds

and 4.3 assists while leading the Bulls

to a whopping 69 wins which was at the

time tied for second most wins a team

had ever won in league history jordan

has won plenty of accolades in his

career and his status as the go is

relatively safe but this was one more

accomplishment he could have and should

have to his name

and with that being said that's all I

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