Pauline Hanson: 'Gutless' politicians blocked All Lives Matter motion

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thank you in the period of time that

i've been in the senate for four years

is the first time i've ever seen this


to actually the government supported by

the labor and the greens and

possibly even well i don't know they

have mentioned it

whether they support it or not for

denying the formality to this of a

notice of motion

um my notification that all lives

matter i cannot believe that you are not

prepared to actually put

this to the vote in the notice of

emotion so if you are not prepared to

put a vote

to a vote then the answer to that is you


care about all lives matter

that's what it's about otherwise you

would put it

and you'd vote on it but you're actually

stopping the formality with it

what are you so concerned about our

nation is made up of many different

races of people but people have come

together here

to be australians and it doesn't matter

what happens in our society

everyone should be treated equally and

the same

based on their needs not on race

so what is your problem with the people

in this chamber

are too bloody gutless to stand up for

the people of this nation

that all lives matter all lives matter

and that's my point until you actually

realize that and stop pushing your own


that we are not doing a service to the

people of this nation

the australian people looking us at us

as leaders of this nation stop dividing

this nation