How a Film Wins the Oscar for Best Picture, Explained | Vanity Fair

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in 2017 there were 341 eligible films

for Academy Award nominations now remove

your buddy cop flicks your superhero

behemoths your rom-coms where the guy

meets the girl loses girl and then

surprise it gets the girl

you're pretty much left with the wannabe

Oscar contenders plus at least three

Nicolas Cage movies but that's a whole

other thing this group are all fighting

for the same thing Best Picture so how

does a film make it to the Dolby theatre

to take home the big one in the 90 years

of Oscars existence what constitutes

being the best picture has changed

dramatically in the 70s that trend was

stories of criminal and illegal activity

jump to the 1980s over-the-top dramas

set in far-off lands where the rage and

the Oscar goes to and the Oscar goes to

and the Oscar goes to this last decade