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what's going on people so today we'll be

assessing and exposing NBA MVP voters

now in 2015 the NBA for the first time

in its history released the media

ballots for all of the end of season

awards which allowed for greater clarity

and transparency between the voters

players and the viewing public but since

then there hasn't been much written or

video made on the inconsistencies of

some of these voters now that their

ballots have been made public now the

purpose behind this video is not to

personally defame any of them but to

simply show the lack of research that

goes on with some of these specific

voters and colonists when their MVP

votes are placed and to show

specifically what is meant by that

statement we'll be examining two

specific MVP seasons that being the

2014-15 season when Stefan curry was

named MVP and the 2016-17 season when

Russell Westbrook was named MVP

during the 2014-15 season the NBA MVP

came down to two specific players James

Harden and Stefan curry now a case could

have been made for either players and

actually was as James Harden was voted

MVP by the players while Stefan curry

was voted MVP by the national media but

in regards to the media ballots what

needs to be analyzed is the thought

process and justification as to why

Stefan curry is chosen as MVP in 2015

Stefan curry led the Golden State

Warriors to a franchise record and NBA

best 67 wins all the while surpassing

his own NBA record for most

three-pointers in a season so the

national media chose Stefan curry as the

MVP behind the motto best player on the

best team so while James Harden had

relatively better individual stats

winning was the number one priority for

most of the media when it came to voting

and this leads us to last years MVP


now during the 2016 17 season James

Harden once again found himself as an

MVP finalist alongside Russell Wesley

that season

Russell Westbrook became the first

player since Oscar Robertson to averages

triple-double in a season while leading

what many thought was a team of marginal

players and was rewarded as that

season's Most Valuable Player

now this is with inconsistency comes

from as it pertains to MVP voters

because in 2015 James Harden was denied

the MVP award because Stefan curry had a

better team record even though James

Harden had relatively better individual

stats and in 2017 James Harden was once

again denied the MVP award but this time

even though he had a better team record

Russell Westbrook was chosen on the

basis of his greater individual stats

which is a clear contradiction when

looking at both seasons if many of these

voters had stayed consistent in their

stance then those who had chosen Stefan

curry in 2015 because of the team

success would have also chosen James

Harden in 2017 for that exact same


and those who chose Russell Westbrook in

2017 because of his individual stats

would then also have chosen James Harden

in 2015 because of his greater stats

over Stefan Curry but that unfortunately

wasn't the case for most of these voters

of the 43 media members that voted

involves 2015 and 2017 25 of them were

inconsistent with the way they voted

these are the media members who voted

for Steph Curry in 2015 because of his

overall team success but then ignored

James Harden's team success in 2017 and

instead voted for Russell Westbrook

because of his greater individual

statistics these voters include ESPN

employees Doris Burke John Barry J a

adonde mark Stein Michael Wilbon Mike


Ramona Shelburne and sage Steele others

include Ernie Johnson of Turner Sports

Ric Bucher of the bleacher report and

Sam amick of USA Today not to be fair

with this they are also reported to a

consistent in both 2015 and 2017 these

are the voters who chose James Harden in

2015 and Russell Westbrook in 2017

because of their great individual

seasons or those who chose Stefan curry

in 2015 and James Harden in 2017 because

of their great team success

these include Bill Simmons of the ringer

Brian Windhorse of ESPN Chris Broussard

of Fox Sports 1 David Aldridge of TNT

Howard Beck of the bleacher report Hubie

Brown of ABC Marc spheres of the

undefeated and Matt Winer of Turner

Sports now the biggest argument from

those who are inconsistent with their

votes was that Russell Westbrook's

numbers in 2017 were not only greater

than James Harden but also that those

numbers had historical implications in

that russell westbrook had been the

first player since oscar robertson

to average a triple-double in a season

but this justification only shows the

lack of analysis and research that many

of these reporters did not conduct prior

to casting their votes in an older video

titled the truth about Russell

Westbrook's triple-doubles the numbers

behind his 2016-17 season was shown to

be highly manufactured a basic summary

of that video highlights the fact that

while Russell Westbrook averaged 31

points 6 points per game which made him

the NBA's leading scorer he did so while

taking more shots than any other player

in the league was the most inefficient

player amongst those who scored 25 or

more points per game in field goal

percentage and effective field goal

percentage was the 30 seconds most

inefficient out of 33 players amongst

those who scored 20 or more points per

game and that was also in both field

goal percentage and effective table

percentage and was the 64th most

inefficient 30 point scorer in NBA

history out of 68 players

in terms of his playmaking Russell

Westbrook's 10.4 says per game were

third most in the NBA that season but

when those assists were combined with

his 5.4 turnovers per game which were

second in the NBA that then gave Russell

Westbrook the worst assist-to-turnover

ratio in NBA history amongst players who

averaged 10 or more assists per game in

a season and as many already know

Russell Westbrook's ten point seven

rebounds were a byproduct of his

teammate doing the dirty work by boxing

out the other team and letting Russell

Westbrook grab uncontested rebounds this

was proven by video footage and also by

the fact that Russell Westbrook has the

lowest contested rebound percentage of

any of the top ten defensive rebounders

in the NBA that's easy

so while Russell Westbrook did average a

triple-double his numbers when put in

context tell a totally different story

now this isn't a diminished Russell

Westbrook as a player but it is to show

that even the logic that many of these

voters used in regards to their decision

was not based on proper research and

analysis but this isn't the first time

in 2015 my Crispino

of MSG Network radio gave Stephon Curry

a 5th place votes picking Marc Gasol of

the Memphis Grizzlies over him who

finished eighth overall then we have

Gary Washburn who was also one of the

inconsistent voters in 2017 and who was

the one reporter in 2013 who kept LeBron

James from becoming the first minimus

MVP by giving his first-place vote to

Carmelo Anthony that season LeBron James

played in 9 more games than Carmelo

Anthony led the Miami Heat to the best

record in the league while going on a

27-game winning streak and was a part of

the all-nba and all-defensive first team

Garry Washburn also chose Carmelo

Anthony over Kevin Durant

who played in 50 more games than Carmelo

Anthony that season led the Oklahoma

City Thunder to the second best record

in the league behind the Miami Heat and

had the first 50-40-90 season while

scoring 25 or more points since Larry

Bird and in 2000

Fred Hickman kept Shaquille O'Neal from

becoming the first unanimous MVP by

giving his first-place votes to Allen

Iverson who ended up finishing seventh

overall in MVP voting

that season Shaquille O'Neal was the

league's leading scorer led the Los

Angeles Lakers to the best record in the

NBA and was named to the all-nba first

team and all-defensive second team now

this is just a small sample size of some

of the head scratchers in terms of MVP

voting that many media members have been

able to get away with over the years now

this isn't to say that there can't be

freedom of thought and expression behind

their votes but that this freedom of

thought and expression should also be

founded on consistency and basic logic

and while many of these media members

like to hide behind the subjectivity of

the term most valueable consistency and

basic logic are not terms that can be

deemed subjective


it goes around back and forth his record

being overlooked is there no lots of

conversation about different stats and

your total assists and points produced

and Russ's trophic levels his team

record something that matters I thought

was this was about hey I'm not gonna get

all that but I thought winning was the

most important thing and you know if you

set your team up in a position to have a

chance at the ultimate goal