How to Vote for Marriage Equality

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hi everybody tomorrow is election day

here in the United States November sixth

and in four of our 50 States voters will

have an opportunity to vote for or

against marriage equality same-sex

marriage and it's very important to me

it's it's an issue that I've spoken

about in videos in the past and

something I feel very strongly about and

I just wanted to summarize for voters in

those four states how you can vote for

marriage equality tomorrow on Election

Day first in the state of Maine Maine

actually has a ballot question that's

which will allow voters to legalize

same-sex marriage to recognize same-sex

marriages in their state through popular

vote and that in Maine that is ballot

question number one so in Maine to vote

for same-sex marriage to vote for

marriage equality tomorrow on Election

Day you want to vote YES on question one

next in my own state of Maryland and

also in the state of Washington we have

referenda on our ballots to laws

previously passed by our state

legislatures in Maryland it's question

six in state of Washington it is

referendum 74 and in both cases you want

to vote affirmative Lee you want to vote

in favor of the ballot question in

Maryland you want to vote for question

six that is the vote for same-sex

marriage vote for question six in

Maryland and in Washington you want to

vote to approve referendum 74 and then

finally in minnesota minnesota has a

proposed constitutional amendment on the

ballot which would ban same-sex marriage

which would define marriage as between a

man and a woman similar constitutional

amendments have passed in many states

it's a really bad thing it's enshrining

bigotry and intolerance and Prejudice

into the laws of your state you don't

want that so if you are a voter in

Minnesota you want to vote no on the

marriage amendment that is the vote you

should cast if you want to vote in

support of same-sex marriage gay rights

marriage equality so to recap

very quickly in Maine you want to vote

YES on question 1 in Maryland vote for

question 6 in Washington vote to approve

referendum 74 and in Minnesota vote no

on the marriage amendment that is how

you can vote to support to legalize to

uh recognize same-sex marriage marriage

equality at the polling place tomorrow

in the United States on Election Day and

of course no matter where you live in

the United States whether you live in

one of these four states or not you can

always vote you should always make sure

to vote for candidates for office

whenever possible that support marriage

equality that have come out in favor of

same-sex marriage in favor of gay rights

in favor of recognizing these same-sex

relationships with the same status as

heterosexual marriages you can do that

whether you live in Maine or Maryland or

Washington or Minnesota or not it's very

important for the future of this issue

for the future of this fight for

marriage equality for gay rights and gay

equality that a marriage equality

becomes a winning political issue that

it becomes an issue that politicians

know they can garner support by coming

out in favor of marriage equality so

whenever possible vote for candidates

that support marriage equality and

specifically if you are in Maine

Maryland Washington or Minnesota

tomorrow on Election Day vote for

marriage equality