📱How To Vote In the 2020 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards!

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hey guys what's up and welcome back to

eco youtube today I'm so excited because

I'm very special announcement I'm going

to be heading over to LA in just a few

weeks we'll be 2020 Nika loading Kids

Choice Awards which is so so cool I'll

be on the orange copy reporting thick

y'all as for Nickelodeon Australia and

I'll keep you guys updated with the

latest gossip and you know celebrity

interviews which is going to be so cool

make sure to subscribe for all of that

and my favorite thing about the Kids

Choice Awards is devoting its the Kids

Choice so if you guys want to vote

there's a link in the description box

down below I'll be voting from my

favorite Nickelodeon stuff today because

you know what is an awards ceremony

without voting and it's the Kids Choice

Awards so kids let's get money all right

guys let's stop biting sir these first

three categories if you're American and

voting on the American site you're not

gonna get these because these are only

the Australian this is only on the

Australian link so it's a favourite

Aussie slash Kiwi Music Maker Kiwi means

New Zealand so there's five seconds of


beanie Dean Lewis 660 and turns and I I

think I'm gonna have to go over 5

seconds of summer because they've got

some really cool songs that my family

jam strip favourite Aussie you /qe

sports star ash body Ben Simmons Oh

Elise Perry Mac Horton and TJ Perenara

I'm gonna have to go for ash body

because she plays tennis and I love

tennis so much so then it will give you

this countdown and just go away to the

next category favourite Aussie /qe

content creator so there's ice cream on

ey stream hundred productions Harvey

Johnny and merriam star I'm gonna ask

the guy for Miriam star because she's a

tick-tock art make sure you go follow us

on tick-tock the link is in the

description below and make sure you also

go for our for Miriam on tick-tock and

stay tuned because we're gonna be doing

some things with Miriam hopefully

favorite kids TV show a series of

unfortunate events all that bunk

danger Power Rangers beast amorphous

never heard of it and raised in so I'm

gonna go for Ravens home because I

always watch that on airplanes and to go

to the KC A's I'm gonna be going on an

airplane and probably watching yes sir

yeah favorite family TV show full house

Modern Family

strange things the Big Bang Theory the

flash and young shoulders I should

probably help the young Sheldon

because I did an interview with him at

the link for that is in the description

box down below but I'm sorry I'm gonna

have to be going for strange things

because I like it so a favorite reality

show these are all the American versions

so America's Got Talent

American Ninja Warrior America's

Funniest Home Videos MasterChef junior

us the masks singer us and the voice us

I'm going to be going to the voice but a


favorite TV show host Ellen DeGeneres

John Cena Nick Cannon

Ryan Seacrest and Terry Crews I'm gonna

be going for Ellen DeGeneres Ellen's a

game of games favorite animated series

there's Alvin and the Chipmunks

SpongeBob SquarePants

Teen Titans go the amazing world of

gumball the lab house and The Simpsons

I'm probably gonna go for the Simpsons

because he doesn't love a crazy family

of yellow people

next up favorite female TV star

Candice Ella Anderson Milly bumpy brown

Peyton lists Raven Symone and real town

I'm gonna be going for Peyton lists

bumped favorite male TV stopped Abraham

Rodriguez Caleb

Jason Ormond Jim Joshua Bassett Karen

and yeah that's all the male TV stars I

might be nice adjacent Norman and Henry


where's Henry in Henry danger favorite

video game so I don't really play video

games so this fortnight which I don't

play Mario Kart or which I don't play

Minecraft which I played like once and

super smash bros ultimate which I've

played once with my brother because he

told me to I'm gonna be going for

Minecraft because that seemed really

much really one that I actually like out

of all those favorite me the Aladdin

Avengers and game Captain Marvel -

monkey the next level and spider-man far

from home

this isn't obvious Star Wars the rise of

Skywalker for me the last but the

luckiest favorite movie actress Angelina

Jolie 3 Lawson dove Cameron Scarlett

Taylor Swift and Zende I'm gonna be

going for zendaya she plays MJ and

spider-man far from home favorite movie

actor Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Dwayne

Johnson Kevin Hart Tom Holland with

and Will Smith I'm gonna be going for

drein daun Johnson because he doesn't

want some rock in a psychic the pebble

dad not funny honey okay favorite

superhero real awesome

Captain Marvel Chris Evans Captain

America Chris Hemsworth store Robert

Downey jr. Iron Man Scarlett

Black Widow and Tom Hollands spider-man

I think I'm gonna vote for brie Larson

because a girl so better oh it's cool

favorite animated movie frozen to the

Angry Birds movie to the lego movie to

Lion King the secret life of pets too

and the Toy Story 4 I'm gonna go for the

Lion King because I like like

live-action and how the animals are

really real favorite female voice from

an animated movie beyond saved not know


Idina she plays Elsa Kristen who plays

Anna and Tiffany Haddish who plays Daisy

and Queen what ever o something I'm

gonna be going for Beyonce favorite male

voice from an animated movie there's the

guy who plays Emmett and Rex the guy who

plays hola hola hola the Snowman Kevin

Hart be plays snowball and Tom Hanks he

plays will be from to history for I'm

definitely giving my vote to old life

because a talking funny snowman is just

amazing favorite male social star koi yo

Peterson david dobrik the Dolan twins

dude perfect mr. B's and Ryan's world

alright story world I'm gonna go for mr.

beast because I like watching all his

crazy challenges on YouTube favorite

female social star Annie lib blank

Emma Lily Liza Kashi Miranda sings and

the Meryl twins I'm gonna be going for

lives of Kashi because I love the TV

show she hosts double dare favorite game


dantdm game a girl named John Preston

it's not the wolf sniffing wolf yeah I'm

gonna be going for her because I always

watch her and I love how she reacts to

videos favorite female artist ariana

grande Queen Beyonce Billy Elish Katy

Perry Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift um

well I really like ariana grande because

she's got a lot of cool stuff that my

friends and I always listen to favorite

male artist ed Sheeran Justin Bieber

little nice ex marshmallow postman and

Shawn Mendes I'm going to vote for

Justin Bieber because he's the only one

I've actually met and he's got lots of

cool cats favorite music group

BTS Fall Out Boy Jonas Brothers

maroon 5 Panic at the Disco or the

trance makers I think I'm gonna give my

vote to maroon 5 because that song

memories is really cool and my dad

really likes it favorite song is seven

rings by Rayna

ariana grande bad guy by Billy Ellis

memories by maroon 5

oh time road or soccer by the Jonas

Brothers and last but not least you need

to calm down by Taylor Swift

none of these are my favorite at the

moment but if I have to choose one it

would definitely be memories as I was

just talking about it favorite music

collaboration 10,000 hours hours I don't


me O'Town road remix senorita or

sunflower I'm probably gonna invite for

let's say 10,000 hours cuz when it came

out and my sister still sings it like

all day long but he's kind of annoying

but cute favorite breakout new artist

city goes dub a B Lewis Capaldi little

nice ex Liz Oh Oh Megan the valium

probably lisslow because willow and iOS

came along to a song good as health

favorite social music star Asha angel

Blanco Brown Johnny Orlando Georgia



Oh max and Harvey probably Georgia see

wha and in the description box down

below if you go check out the interview

I did with her which was really really

cool favorite global music star

BTS deal whipper J Balvin Rosalia

Sherman mag Josey Taylor Swift and turns

and I just rallying something you

everyday probably do like puckers my

favorite song at the moment is written

by her favorite female sports star Alex

Morgan Lindsey Vonn Meegan

Naomi Osaka Serena Williams and Simone

bills probably sorry Serena Williams /

they love tennis once again favorite

male sports star Cristiano Ronaldo

LeBron James Patrick Shaun White and

then I'm gonna go for LeBron James

because everyone something Bella bond

James my wife's you know so that's all

of them then you can click vote again if

you want to vote again and you know give

your favorite accordion stars an extra

boat anyways guys that is all for

today's video I hope you enjoy it as

much as I enjoyed voting for my favorite

celebrities make sure you go down below

into the description box and both be

your favorite celebs as well and click

on all the other links down there while

you're at it make sure you subscribe and

I better go get packing for LA