Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson Talks With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris On the Importance of Voting

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let's let's talk a little bit about

voting uh because obviously it's it's

that is extremely important especially

this election

it's so important every presidential

election but this one

is uniquely critical

uh as we know to make sure that all

americans are getting out there and

and voting a lot of americans as you

guys know they're they're

concerned about how do they cast their

ballot safely uh during this time

uh in my opinion that maybe this is

something that we can work on when you

guys are in the white house i do believe

that election day should be a federal


yeah that's right um

and really incentivize our americans to

get out there and especially the ones

who are unable to get away from their


yes to vote um

guys how do we strengthen and protect

our american people's

right to vote well first of all this

time around

vote early seek a ballot vote early

and we're going to have to make sure we

have we train a whole group of

younger poll workers who are healthier

and not afraid to be not

legitimately concerned about being in a

polling place in the middle of this

covert crisis that's underway we have

the largest

group of lawyers and people working on

getting out the vote and working with


that has ever been assembled in the

presidential election

because you see what's going on in the

post office now you see what's going on

and what

talk about whether or not voting is

legit there's an attempt to delegitimize

the vote delegitimize absentee ballots

delegitimize voting by mail

so we have to make sure the american

people aren't demoralized into

not voting your vote will count we'll

watch it

begin to plan now now

what and how you're going to vote and

vote early when you can

and we're going to make sure that there

are polling places that are

sanitized you're able to socially

distance wear a mask

we have to do this and we've done it

every time we've done it in the middle

of the civil war we did it in the middle

of the pandemic in 1917 world war one

world war

ii there is no reason we can't do this


it's the essence of who we are as a


just to emphasize joe's point um

have a vote plan so

right now mark your calendar for

election day

find out if in your state you can vote

by mail

and then do that early um if you're

going to vote by mail

familiarize yourself with how to fill

out the ballot correctly

before you fill it out if your state if

you can vote early

then vote early and if you can only vote

on election day

know where your polling place is think

about what time of day you're gonna go

where pick up your mask like joe said

and then you can also

text vote at three zero three three zero

and get a lot of information and we'll

help you actually come up with your

voting plan um and and to to remind

people of deadlines and things like that

because it's so

important that everyone's voice is heard

and that's th that's the power

of your vote it's your voice that's


it is it's the power of everybody's


a vote is is is their voice and i

appreciate you taking a little bit of

time to as well to

uh help educate because a lot of

americans and i was like this too at one

time where i

didn't quite know what the process was

and while you think yes i'm gonna vote

and i need to vote

and everyone wants to vote because

everybody cares deeply about our country


uh they're in a little bit of a scenario

where they're just a little unsure and a

little uncertain so

i'm glad you took a moment there to give

a little bit of direction

uh can i say one more thing before we go

dj of course

that in fact john lewis was right before

he died

voting is a sacred obligation and is the


to outcomes you can make a difference if

in fact young people

people between the age of 18 and 30

voted the same percentage as folks did

above the age of 30 last time out there

would have been 5.2 million more people

have voted

they can own the outcome they can own

the outcome

and we have faith in them but they've

got to get out and vote