GRAMMY 101: How The Awards Process Works 2016 | GRAMMYs

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well the Grammy Awards process has been

developed over 50 years and every year

it evolves and yes the recordings are

voted on by our 13,000 Recording Academy

voting members we're actually the music

creators themselves to participate in

the voting process you have to be a

current voting member by the annual

deadline which is typically early fall

being a voting member is a privilege

it's also responsibilities in a lot of

ways the prestige of the Grammy Awards

from the fact that it's peer recognized

so peer recognized that means your

fellow creators the ones who are living

and loving the craft they're the ones

who determine amongst their peers who

deserves to win a Grammy each award

cycle has a specific eligibility period

or window of time during which

recordings need to have been released in

order to be eligible for consideration

submission is a really critical step in

the process members don't sit around and

determine which recordings should be

considered for a nomination they can

only consider what's actually been

submitted what that means is if you

remember you should make sure that

you're eligible recordings are being

submitted for consideration

well we've received submissions all the

way through the end of the summer and we

get them from Recording Academy members

but we also get them from record labels

other media companies publishers video

production houses they can submit

entries on behalf of the artists they

represent and they do have to register

with us online every year it's really

easy it takes about five minutes

creators that means we strongly

recommend you are submitting for

yourself if you're not it's important to

know who's submitting on your behalf and

that it gets in by the deadline now just

a few years ago we received about 12,000


last year it was almost double that once

we receive all the submissions and

verify eligibility we actually have

genre based sorting committees and they

meet sometimes over several days they

listen to every single entry that comes

in and makes sure that it's placed in

the right genre category after it's

categorized properly all those eligible

recordings are sent to the members for

their choice on who the nominees are

once we've got everything sorted our

first ballot goes out in October and

it's due back in early November we asked

voters to vote in the four general

categories album of the year

record of the year song of the Year and

Best New Artist they can also vote in

additional categories in which they have

musical expertise then Deloitte

tabulates everything sends us the

results for some categories that's where

it ends for others there may be an

additional step of the nominations

review committee and for the craft

categories that's an entirely separate

process once we have our nominees for

each category we send out the second and

final ballots to all of our voting

members this again comes back to

Deloitte they tabulate results and that

decides who the Grammy Award winners are

so if you're a music creator it's

important that you have an active

Recording Academy membership so you can

have a voice in shaping the final

outcome it's all said and done the

voters decisions are revealed for the

first time on the Grammy Awards we all

have to watch live to find out who wins