How to vote for BTS in Grammy's : Grammy's voting process Explained

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david today we are discussing

the voting process bts will go through

in their journey to winning the grammys

and the possibilities

of them taking one home yay before we go

on to that do i hear an

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and let's go back to where we were first

things first

jeans broke out that bts has submitted

for seven

different categories at the grammys when

natalie nicole

a songwriter and recording academy

voting member

who has voting rights at the grammys

revealed the information

on october 17. according to her they

submitted dynamite for song of the year

record of the year best music video best

pop duo group

performance and map of the soul seven


album of the year and best engineered

album and

best pop vocal album that's the seven

so that's a special lucky number for bts

you know many different ways now to go

into the details of what these

categories intend to award

i'll go one by one song of the year

recognizes songs composition it goes to

songwriters who

made the track not the artists

themselves unless they were part of the

songwriting process

and it focuses purely on the songwriting

record of the year on the other hand

gives out to the recording of the songs

meaning all artists

producers engineers who were

contributing to the

song are awarded with that

and the final recording is considered in

this category

best music video award is pretty

straight forward

it's given to producers and performers


had the best music video of that year

best pop deal group performance goes to

the best pop recordings

that feature a dual or group performance

like bts

limited to singles or tracks only and


award goes to the performing artists

uh the album of the year finally is


the most prestigious award in the

grammys and it is awarded to the artist

as well as the producers and engineers

that have taken part in the album

that is awarded and the best engineered

album award

is not presented to the artist but to

the audio engineers who have worked

on the best engineered album of that

year and finally best

vocal album uh goes to the best pop

album of the year

okay uh awarded to the artists as well

as the producers and then engineers

if they worked on more than half of the

album another possible album wow we got

a lot of wars here yeah

that bts is eligible for is the


for the best new artist now this has

been a pretty controversial

uh category throughout the history of

the awards previously

artists had to release no more than 30

tracks commercially

throughout their careers to have been

eligible for this award

however this year they abolished the

song limit completely and decided to

award it

to artists who had their breakthrough

year meaning you know bts

their eight-year-old veterans but they

could still technically win the award

because this year

they really broke through to the

american mainstream

with their song dynamite to be eligible

to vote you must be a recording academy

voting member

by a being credited on 12 physical or

digital tracks currently available for


with at least one track in the past five


b have six credits on commercially

released tracks

currently available for sale and

distributed through physical

distribution outlets such as record


with at least one track in the past five


c have won a grammy before okay that's


d get an endorsement from a current

voting member

that's also hard yeah now if you meet

any one of these criteria you can pay


yearly to vote for the grammys worth it

yeah uh

actually reading this uh i'm wondering


armies have not thought of the idea of

just releasing commercial tracks

to get voting rights in the grammys i

think that'll be the next level for them

releasing six tracks commercially

anybody can do that honestly it's not

very hard you can find yourself a

distributor very easy

on the internet nowadays so maybe that


be the next step for armies just giving

you guys an idea okay now there are a

few steps

deciding the winner of uh the grammys

once the artist has submitted their work

they must go through a screening process

the artist's work is determined by more

than 350 experts

to make sure that they have been

submitted to the

right category this is not a judgment on

the music's quality but rather

to make sure you know a rock album

doesn't end up in a reggae category

and vice versa so it's just purely for

uh sorting purposes okay now after the


comes the first round of voting and the

voting members

can vote up to 15 different categories


the big four the four general field ones

record of the year

album of the year song of the year and

best new artist everybody can vote for

that and then they have 15 different

categories they can vote on top of that

now they are advised to vote in fields

that they are experts at

and you know not let's just throw some

random votes

but 15 is a lot yeah right do you know

15 different music channels no

so that's a very big amount now the top

20 entries

in each category are then sent to a

nomination review committee the review

committee consists

of a few select panels between 13

to 20 something number they

aren't really clear about that these are

experts in their respective fields

they conduct a vote to decide the final

five nominees

that will be in the grammys now the

final round of voting

is again conducted similar to the first

round by

all recording academy voting members but

with only the five final nominees

being eligible to be selected once this


ends uh the final winner is announced at

being grammy award easy peasy so the

grammy specifically states that

popularity and chart rankings are not

considered for nominations and winners

still it does work in bts's benefit as

they definitely have

way more name recognition to the voters


ever before that's true that's a fact

and that's a fact on to the discussion

question number one what are the odds of

bts winning

in the big four category okay meaning

record of the year song of the year

album of the year

best new artist um you go first

why i like to hear you no no you go


uh i think they have a pretty low chance

of winning

uh record song or album of the year

those three

t so grammy voters have historically

been pretty unfavorable towards boy


uh backstreet boys some people call them

snobs some people

call them uh i think i think a lot of

times you know

big big pop stars maybe they think

they're too commercial

okay so uh they don't like that

there could be a lot of reasons but

backstreet boys one direction

they never won a grammy in fact one

direction never even got a nomination

so uh if we consider that

i think the odds are against them

grammys have never been really favorable


non-english songs ever uh

despacito the biggest song of 2017 was

not acknowledged

in the grammys okay and also

i think the last time a non-english song

won the big four is

in 1964. so

that's like 60 years the odds are

against them to win

you know record the year out of the year

or some other year

but best new artist i think is a

different story okay

bts i think it's hard to call them our

best new artist

they're they're eight years old this

year they made that impact i think this

is like in american terms

this is like a historical moment for an

asian artist

to have many such strides in the

american mainstream

and i think people voting for the


would have that in mind some are even

saying black pink might be

uh really getting uh why not or

nominations yeah why not the more the


i have my hopes on best new artist and

then maybe

best pop deal yeah i'm voting for that

too yeah you're voting

yeah i'm actually a secret member of the

grammy academy

i think there's a higher chance for best

uh group and you

than new artists because you aren't

doesn't really like make sense to me but


i don't know it would be pretty

controversial for group and duo i think

they have a chance

and uh i think uh they have a higher

chance because it's

it's 2020 and looking at the social

context these days

you know look at the academy awards and

like parasite and all

and that was a very big achievement for

korean a korean movie in a very global

award ceremony and also

i think it was the academies but uh they

changed the criteria recently and they

put a lot of clauses and criteria for

like diversity

and um globalness and stuff like that

the grammys no

academies yeah so i mean the academies

are very prestigious and

very you know um authoritative award

ceremony too so

i think they have similar aspects with

the grammys and i think

the grammys you know they've been

receiving a lot of feedback here and

there from the

uh global community so yeah the american

market is becoming more diverse

within the past few years it's time for

the grammys to change if they are not

intending to change so bts might be that

breakthrough point and i wish

they will win one of the major awards

one issue

one hurdle that they'll have to overcome


dynamite is super commercial poppy yeah

it's like that's why i said i don't know

about time

it's mainstream mainstream times 100.

like they were going fallout and i feel

like a lot of times grammy voters they

don't like that

yeah they're not good too they're not uh

appreciative of the mainstream

mainstream stuff

best new artist last year billy eilish

yeah obviously

so i mean i mean she's she's commercial


coffee commercial but she's not poppy

pop people you know what i mean

like her album itself was pretty

experimental yeah

uh whereas bts is dynamite uh

which is their breakthrough track to

america uh

like true mainstream breakthrough track

is poppy poppy

so i think that'll definitely

work against bts in voting but at the

same time they have the name recognition

now so

at least it'll be in consideration more

yeah than before

the last thing i want to ask you is do

you think a win

at the grammys big four or anything else

do you think a win at the grammys would

bring back military exemptions oh this


again oh i'm tired of this why but it


it will happen right oh inevitably

um let's never talk about it again they

themselves said that you want to go

so like there's nothing to talk about

i've seen like asian boss videos i've

seen like a lot of

comments in korean saying that if uh

there were to be a standard to be

exempt it should be a very very high

standard that only

yes can be examined

so i think it would be eligible if bts

were to get a grammy then that would set

the standards and then nobody would

uh disagree on them getting exempt and

the unfairness of like maybe a potential

of other groups getting exempt in the


grammys would be a very strong standard

for military exemption in the pop

culture pop music sector so

i i think nobody would uh disagree with

that but this is all relevant

yeah yeah so we'll have to see when when

what happens then bts

win a grammy award for many awards at

the grammys

suga said so so they're going to win oh

yeah he predicted it he protected


yeah number one you got it people do

now once they get the grammys they're

gonna be in the hall of fame with pong


you know right right they're gonna be in

the uh

the korea pride hall of fame

park here thousand years uh

they already are they are but

uh i don't know about over parasite the

parasite was oh

anyway let me know what you guys think

uh what will be just when

yeah and i hope this information uh

helped you guys out in sorting out

how the grammys work and what the

chances are of bts winning

one yeah and until next time bye-bye and

use grammarly