Dallas judge calls out Texas governor’s voter suppression

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with just weeks until the presidential

election texas governor greg abbott used

his executive authority yesterday to


election rules shutting down dozens of

satellite voting locations across the

lone star state

limiting ballot drop-off boxes to just

one per county and there is a particular

judge in dallas county he's calling

the governor out saying quote this has

trump written all over and that judge

is judge clay jenkins he's with us now

sir thank you so much for being here not

only did this governor's order your

governor abbott's order

limiting things to just one dropbox in

the county but also

is allowing there to be monitors at

these locations so

you said this has trump written all over

it what do you mean by that

well right now president trump is either

ahead by one or tied in the polls

and so the governor is doing whatever he

can to discourage and suppress

voting uh his next move by the way

is he has uh republicans

are working to force him to do away with

the first week of early vote

so look for it to be harder to vote here

in texas but we're going to make sure

here in dallas county we have a free and

fair election

because judge during this pandemic of

course access

to these drop boxes has become a safety

issue it's a safe

way to cast your ballot we see there's

now a legal battle brewing over these

drop boxes in the state of ohio

do you foresee one happening there in

your state of texas

yeah i think so i think you'll see

you'll see that happen

but we're going to focus on making sure

that those

poll watchers which are really people

just sitting there to glare at folks

and get close to them are back far

enough away

where you're safe dropping your ballot

off it's a shame that

people have to go to one one place in a

big place like dallas county

um you know we were looking at moving

those to

our 10 tax offices spread throughout the

county to make it easier on folks

and so governor abbott also said he's

talking about this as an idea of safety

and transparency

right you want to cut down on any

possibility of fraud or illegal voting

they're in state by having one drop box

in each county do you see

that as a worthy goal i guess if you

hear you want to do this to make it sure


make sure it's safe but do you see any

evidence there of any illegal voting so


there's no evidence of illegal voting

and there's no way that forcing people

to travel further

and jump through more hoops to hand a


envelope to a clerk will make things

more transparent or safer

this is about voter suppression it's


fewer people voting and

if your people need to make a plan they

need to vote early

they need to get their mail balance in

as fast as possible and by the way

the mail works fine they're working

closely with the postmaster

people should not be afraid to mail

those ballots as well well we are

certainly wishing you

and uh the entire state of texas the

very best judge clay jenkins thank you

once again for being on the program

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