Emmy Voting Explained! Find Out How TV Shows Win Emmy Awards: ENTV

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hey guys I'm Melana Scantlin here with

Ian TV and Pete Hammond welcome he's the

awards columnist for and a

former member of the board of governors

of the television Academy so you're very

qualified to be telling us what's going

on right yeah I hope so I hope so what

do you want to know you want to know the

process of M Evo Dean here a lot of

people think it's like the Oscars right

but it's not ya know it's actually the

opposite of the Oscars people don't know

how Emmys are chosen but basically all

the Academy votes for the nominations

early on and that's what happens in the

final phase of the Oscars everybody

votes for the final Oscars but in the

final Emmys

they actually it's a small group of

voters who sign up to vote in certain

categories and when you get selected to

do a category they send you this Fox in

this case it was Outstanding Drama

Series and every Drama Series in there

yeah everyone that's nominated and and

and they send you the the episodes that

the people from the shows want you to

see and then you are obligated to watch

them and then you get your ballot and

you fill it out based on that and you do

first choice second choice third choice

one two three four five in that order so

if my first choice is Mad Men

I put number one and then on down the

line and I you know if you really are

trying to get a show to lose you put it

number six right you want to bottom it

out yeah you want to bottom it out so

people can you know try to manipulate

the system but there's enough people

voting that that really doesn't go on

this is a very pure process because it's

requiring voters to actually look at the

shows imagine that it's like I did send

you your homework yes they send you your

homework and all people get this box I

would say in the drama series category

it's a little bit bigger so they

probably have two different pools of

voters voting in this small groups

probably 150 to 200 each in each one you

know maybe up to 600 it depends on how

many they get to participate in each

year and that's done all throughout each

peer group

so the actors will vote on the actors in

the final thing the writers will vote on

the writers and it's supposed to be

meant to really choose the best ones and

not turn it into a popularity contest

the key I think is to make sure that

people actually watch these things and

so what the Academy does now too is to

avoid repeats they if you voted on it

last year they won't let you vote in

that category the next year they try to

submit that each voter only gets to vote

in two categories so it could be drama

series of variety series like I did and

then if you're a member of another

branch like writers or actors you can

vote in two of those as well Wow yeah

well we can't wait to see how everything

comes out after the Emmys I'm Melana

Scantlin stay tuned to ENTV for all your

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