How the Dancing with the Stars Voting System Works

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hey there ballroom fans

I'm Jacob Weatherby from wet paint calm

it's hard to believe that the season 12

finale of Dancing with the Stars is

already upon us

are you surprised with the dancers left

standing well you shouldn't be you put

them there

although the judges do deserve partial

credit or blame depending on who you are

rooting for here's a little insight on

how the DWTS voting system actually

works first the contestants fates are in

the hands of the judges during the

performance show each judge Awards the

couple a score of one to ten for a total

score ranging from three to thirty when

the stars dance multiple performances

only the cumulative total score counts

then the network gets involved for each

couple the folks at ABC work out to

share the couple god of the points given

by the judges on performance night

their share is calculated as the

percentage of the total number of points

awarded to all contestants that evening

for example if a team earned twenty

points on a night when the judges

awarded a total of 200 their judges

share with me twenty divided by 200

which equals ten percent still with us

next we've got the votes from the public

aka you guys much like the judges scores

ABC calculates the percentage of votes

from the fans that each couple received

for example in Ralph Macchio had

received 10 votes out of a total of 100

his voting share would be 10% after

collecting and calculating these

percentages which are weighed equally

the two shares are then added together

finally the couple with the lowest

combined total is eliminated from the

show but sometimes we're left wondering

how some couples who scored relatively

well with the judges end up being the

ones to get the boot while Paris who

performed poorly continue on well like

most reality shows Dancing with the

Stars is a bit of a popularity contest

and while the judges have some say the

American public has an equal amount of

say and a couple of million people may

not always agree with just three judges

so there you have it that's why it's so

important for you to vote for your

favorites share this video with any of

your friends you might also be confused

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