Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has A Voting Message For Black Men [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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we got the one and only chicago mayor

laurie lightfoot in the house

oh we're so happy to have you this

morning you know uh good morning to you

and uh you may have seen the new ad

featuring mayor lightfoot along with

more than a dozen other black mayors

from across the country voicing their


for democratic presidential nominee joe


and it's awesome to see all 14 of

your black mayors together on in one

video and the women kicked it off and

then tossed it to the men

for those who haven't seen this mayor's

video uh

and yet where can we find it good

morning hi

how are you well it's it's it's now all

over but it's definitely on the uh

the website of the biden campaign i

think they did

an awesome job it was great to be with

my fellow sister mayors

and i'll give a nod to the fellas

brad i know you got a question because

you shot down first of all

shot town in the building i just want to

say that we love you and we always talk

about you and how fly you be and it's

funny cause in the commercial you say

and b fly

but my question is do you speak with

your fellow black mayors often about

what they're doing in their

respective cities to energize black

voters no we definitely do

we talk all the time and particularly

among the women

i mean we've really formed a true

friendship and sisterhood

you know this has been a year like no

other and

all of us are experiencing lots of

different upheaval and challenges

so we lean into those relationships you

know i'm

the oldest of the mayors but i'm the


in my in my term as mayor so i've

learned a tremendous amount

from them all across the country but

yeah we talk a lot we're concerned

we want to make sure that people get out

and vote um you know

four years ago the polls said hillary

clinton was a shoe-in

the polls are saying the same thing with

joe biden but people let off their their

foot off the gas

four years ago and we cannot afford to

do that so we're out there telling folks

you got to sign up you got to have a

plan to vote

particularly if you're going to go and

vote in person um

you know you see what these lines are

looking like across the country

but we can't be discouraged we got to be

determined so

pack a lunch bring some water take your

your tapes or whatever it is

but you've got to get out and you've got

to vote and you've got to make sure

everybody in your household votes

everybody in your network votes

this absolutely is the most

consequential election

of our lifetime we do not want to wake

up on november 4th and saying

oh i wish i had no yes

got to leave it all on the field now

right yeah and one of the things

that the mayor's ad focuses on is black

woman's vote more often

than black men so can we say something

to our brothers out there that are

listening to encourage them to get

up get out and cast their vote well this

is a time for all of us to step

up you know black women are an

incredibly reliable

uh voting block but this time the

fellows also have to step up and make


they do their part we can't leave


on the sideline you can't say well my

wife has got to cover

my girls got it covered now you got to

step up this time and do your part

as well we want to see blackmail uh


be at historic levels because really

that's what it's going to take

to turn the tide you have a stake in

this election just as we do

your fate is going to be on the ballot

just as ours is

so everybody has to step up so mayor

life so what are some of the things that

you're doing in chicago to educate some

of the voters on the importance

of this election well one is i

personally am out there and being


and going to polling places we just

opened up

expanded early voting today so my team

and i are going to be out we're doing


we're using our social media platform

we're using email

and we're trying to get people motivated

not only to vote in chicago

but there are consequential races here

in the upper midwest

in wisconsin in michigan in indiana and


so we're encouraging people even if you

don't feel like you

in this environment can go door-to-door

you can you can

text people you can call people you can

send postcards

so this has got to be an all-out effort

all across the country but it starts

with you

don't forget to make a plan for yourself

and to vote and mayor lightfoot before

you go

what are your thoughts after the senate

confirmation hearings for amy coney


well i have a lot of thoughts about it

you know

i feel a sense of loss and sadness

number one

i feel like the republicans absolutely


ruth bader ginsburg i mean the body

wasn't even cold

and they were already trampling all over

her rushing to fill

the seat and the fact that they have not

a modicum of shame

when look what they did to barack obama

denied him

merrick garland's nomination and some of

these folks wouldn't even meet with

mayor garland and now they're acting

like it's their god-given right

to stack the court in a way that all

isn't just about

women's right to choose isn't about just

about lgbtq rights

this is about a basic sense of decency

the court

is only effective if it's viewed as


you talk about the people who have been

nominated by trump at this trump


and this woman in particular take a look

at her views her views aren't even

close to the mainstream she scares me

i'm a lawyer i've been a lawyer for 30

plus years i've litigated some very very

tough cases

and this woman's views scare me because


is looking to join that conservative


to turn that the clock on things like

voting rights

things that we care about opening up


for black and brown folks and for women

all across the country

on issues that are long settled

i'm she scares me her nomination scares


and it and we have to we have to do

everything that we can

again to show up on election day because

the only way that we're going to stop

this tide and this attack on our rights

is to vote

and to elect people who understand the

lived experience

of black people all across this country

we've got to take back the

the senate it's more important now than


absolutely and uh i didn't know you as a

lawyer i'm

triple impressed and i thank you so much

we absolutely love you

uh we talk about you all the time on

this show we always shout you out

so thank you so much for joining us uh

ladies and gentlemen

please give it up for chicago mayor lori


thank you so much