Explanation of the new Eurovision Song Contest voting format

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in this video we are presenting an

exciting big change in the voting

procedure of the Eurovision Song Contest

this is how it works first each national

professional jury will award one to

eight ten and twelve points to their

favorites in the grand final these

points will be announced by the

spokespersons from all participating

countries in the usual way

based on the televoting each country

will award a second set of one to eight

ten and twelve points to the ten songs

they like most the televoting points

from all countries will be combined and

announced by the hosts starting with the

country receiving the fewest points from

the public and ending with the country

that received the highest number of

points from the televoting so the winner

will only be known at the very end of

the show in the semi-finals

the same voting system will be used but

only ten qualifiers will be announced as

usual after the grand final you can find

the individual jury votes and televoting

rankings on our website

Eurovision TV