EOS voting Greymass EOS How to Vote and Earn Income

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for the EOS ecosystem to function

properly we need much higher levels of

voting with the advent of the resource

exchange voters 421 block producers are

going to be able to earn income from

renting their tokens to other EOS

developers in this video I'm going to

show you the easiest and safest way to

vote using the grey mouse tool for

voting I'll also show you how the tool

has now been adapted to do so much more

than just allowing you to vote hi Steve

here from lawyers of tomorrow it's great

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make more videos like this how do you

think the EOS project is developing let

me know in the comments below now in

making this video I assume that you've

already watched the video I made on the

update to the proposals on the EOS

resource exchange I'll put a link to

them upstairs and that video itself is

an update to a previous video I did when

we talked about the first version of the

EOS resource exchange which involved a

much more complicated system and I'll

put a link to that video upstairs as

well so in both of those videos what I

did is I outlined the case for voting

which in a nutshell is that you cannot

partake in the EOS resource exchange and

gain rental income by loaning out your

Els tokens to other developers you

cannot gain that income unless you vote

for 21 block producers one of the key

design purposes behind the EOS resource

exchange is to get people voting and so

now in this video I'm going to show you

the easiest way to vote okay so in order

to do the voting using the gray mass

tall you want to go here HTTP

gray mas gray mass cos voter slash

releases I'll put a link down to this in

the description so you just pick the one

that is relevant to your operating

system so for me I've gone for this one

here windows cos voter so click

on that download that and then up it

comes and here it is so I've just

activated it and it's the first thing I

see so what it's going to do is as you

can see we're at stage one connection

we've got a connect via an API to a

relevant URL which in this case is going

to be a OS gray mass comm so we're going

to connect to that so at this point I'm

gonna have to put in my public key or my

account number so just paste that in

press look up and there we go it finds

me so what it's doing now is just asking

for an authorization so use this wallet

to sign transactions now just so

everyone is absolutely clear what it's

doing is installing this wallet locally

so it's not actually connecting to a

browser it's installing this wallet on

my local system what it's asking me to

do here is into the active private key

for this account so I'm going to stop

the video and then do that and we'll

pick it up afterwards so as soon as I

entered in my private key it then asked

me whether I wanted to save a local

wallet on my computer so that's what I

then went ahead and did so somewhere in

my system now it is saved locally a

wallet and I had to put in a password

and you will then come into this window

here which is the default window which

is the block producer voting window now

because I have used this previously with

a previous version so about two months

ago you can see already here that there

are a load of them that have been voted

for previously now of course because of

the system whereby voting results in

decay I am now going to be updating my

votes so I just go through and I click

which ones I want to go for okay so you

can see now that I have voted for my 30

out of 30 block produces the way you do

it is you just go down here if I want to

unload this one just for a moment I want

to vote for that has been my final one

there I click on it so I've now voted

for AOS New York and you can see there

I've got 13 now if you want to find out

some information about them you can

click on this link here and some of them

have published their information you'll

get a link

to this you can then link off to various

different websites bear in mind when you

try and do this look at the warning you

gave warning you are leaving your apps

so you are going to leave an application

which is secure on your computer and

you're gonna leave and go out or my one

view on that would be don't do that my

personal view is no I'm not gonna go out

and look at all these other items here

so I will have had to have done my

research beforehand so having done all

of that and I've selected my block

produces that I'm gonna submit my votes

and then they all are and I submit my

votes here by completing this

transaction I agree to the following

terms click to expand what are those

terms okay here we go is all the terms

and like a good lawyer I have of course

read that and I submit that okay

transactions have now been submitted to

the blockchain now as far as other tools

what have we got here air drops so what

I can do here is I can then look at some

of these tokens and I can scan for

balances and what it's doing is it's now

telling me all those balances that I've

got let's just have a look at some of

the other tools you've got a smart

contract interface tool here so keating

to appreciate once these are submitted

they are irreversible and could lead to

loss or harm of your account so smart

contracts is a whole other issue to get

into for another video

now permissions what you can do with

these permissions is you can set levels

of permissions so as the owner this will

be the top level positive permission now

what we've got is the owner here we've

got this permission set up and it also

gives me the active permission here now

it is known as a child of the owner so

if you like the owner permission is the

master and then an active permission is

one step down from that now what you can

do is you can set up as many active

permissions as you want and then you can

then modify them here you can modify

them and say well what particular

permissions are they going to have if

you've got a number of people working

with your account for example with

your DAP then this may well be something

that you would want to do now

delegations if I wish to under the

operation of the soon-to-be created

resource exchange what I will be able to

do is I will be able to delegate my

tokens I will be able to delegate some

tokens for CPU and for bandwidth and as

it says here a delegation allows one

account to stake tokens on behalf of

another account as a CPU and bandwidth

so the idea is I would then be lending

my tokens to the resource exchange now

obviously the resource exchange has not

yet been brought into operation but once

it does no doubt there will then be a

nother updated wallet coming along so I

am I'm expecting this whole area here to

expand as it says here the tokens of

themselves always remain under the

control of the original account unless

the transfer option is checked during

the delegation process so obviously you

wouldn't want to be transferring your

tokens only delegating control of them

now once the resource exchange does come

in then what's going to happen is via my

voting for at least twenty-one block

producers and then via my delegation of

those States tokens to the resource

exchange den I will be later on I will

be given some income coming in from

those now what this wallet also does is

allows me to create an account you can

also then generate key pairs so you can

do as many of those as you like you can

also register for proxy voting so if I

wish to register as a proxy voter I

could click on to this and you're about

to register an account as a proxy vote

etc if I wanted to do that I just follow

these guidelines here but I'm not going

to do that I'm happy to do the voting

myself now there are also lots of great

resources out there that can tell you a

little bit about the block producers and

so forth so this is just a few of them

I'll put a link to these down in the

description so we've got us Network

monitor so here it gives you details of

the various block producers who's in the

21 and so forth it's got references to

current block activity and so forth

AOS authority who produced this one and

you can

see well who is voting for who so we

zoom in and I click on this one here you

can see that voting for the currently

first place what block pro tutor is this

account here se for xjy etc etc and it's

telling you how many EOS they've got so

you can use this to work out who is

voting voting for whom so looking at

this one the block Explorer you can

click on any one of these and it takes

you to a section which is allocated to

them tells you a bit about them what

they're doing loads of information about

them here and so forth you've got a link

here to see how they've changed over the

past 24 hours place where their server

is registered how many votes they've got

here so this is a very useful tool

that's been produced by EO ace vibes so

great thanks to them now here AOS

Authority we've got the voting

statistics so it's telling us how many

people are actually voting at the moment

and you can see we've got 24 point one

percent which is frankly way too low so

once we get the proposals for the EOS

resource exchange pushed through then

we're gonna see this green part here

significantly increase because people

who are staked and voting will then get

payment from the resource exchange EOS

Titan labs so I've been to this one

before gives you information about

number of people voting voter engagement

information about the block producers

similar information about jurisdiction

ok I hope you found this video very

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