Emmy Voting Explained! Find Out How TV Shows Win Emmy Awards: ENTV

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hey guys I'm Melana Scantlin here with

Ian TV and Pete Hammond welcome he's the

awards columnist for and a

former member of the board of governors

of the television Academy so you're very

qualified to be telling us what's going

on right yeah I hope so I hope so what

do you want to know you want to know the

process of M Evo Dean here a lot of

people think it's like the Oscars right

but it's not ya know it's actually the

opposite of the Oscars people don't know

how Emmys are chosen but basically all

the Academy votes for the nominations

early on and that's what happens in the

final phase of the Oscars everybody

votes for the final Oscars but in the

final Emmys

they actually it's a small group of

voters who sign up to vote in certain

categories and when you get selected to